Phil Rowley Marketing Guru

Phil is a Global Innovation Director, Media Futurist & Conference Speaker with 18 years’ experience from London, Dublin & Auckland. His key skills are evangelising about the future, simplifying the complex, energising clients and hastening the inevitable. He is also Co-author of - and speaker for - PHD's book 'Merge | The closing gap between technology and us’. Phil holds an MA, Politics and Media from the University of Liverpool. 


Why Humanity’s Merge with Technology is Not Only Inevitable, but Natural

Let’s put it out there: if technology continues to accelerate exponentially, then man and machine will likely merge. 


Aldi is the Next Big Thing

Let’s start with three bold assertions:


Cynicism, Algorithm, Dynamism: The Future of Emotional Advertising

Recently, I was invited on stage by CNN to be part of an AdWeek Europe panel of experts. The topic: The Art & Science of Emotional Storytelling.      


6 Reasons why EdTech is the Next Big Media Opportunity for Brands

Wiser heads than our own are declaring that for the next generation “life-long learning” will be compulsory. The speed of tech acceleration demands employee skillsets must evolve at breakneck pace to keep up with the constant emergence of new disciplines and the demise of old ones. In his excellent book on our age of acceleration - Thankyou For Being Late - Thomas Friedman’s opines that future citizens cannot afford to rest on their educational laurels: Get up. Open another browser tab. Learn a new skill. Fast!


How to Explain the Future of Artificial Intelligence using only Sci-Fi films

I’ve just finished reading the book Life 3.0 by physicist & AI philosopher Max Tegmark, where he sets out a series of possible scenarios and outcomes for humankind sharing the planet with artificial intelligence.