Phoenix Normand Society Guru

Phoenix is coaching and supporting American billionaires, CEOs and executive teams in tech, retail and banking for over 25 years. He also founded and created MEGA Assistant University, a revolutionary skills and mindset “boot camp” for top Executive and Personal Assistants who want to level up quickly and begin forging a mutually successful business partnership with their executives and teams. Phoenix holds a Bachelors of Arts in European Studies/Civilisation from Trinity College Dublin.


The Problem with Queen Bees

I know, for a fact, that my shit stinks. No need to get graphic, but I know it. In the physical realm, but more importantly in the business realm. I know, for a fact, that I haven't mastered everything, I don't execute everything absolutely perfectly, I still have a ton of learning to do, and that my advice is sound, but may not be the exact advice someone needs to unlock their fullest potential. But the pursuit of perfecting all of those imperfections is what makes me excited to wake up every day and get after it.


Be Ready: So That You Don't Have to Get Ready

"Always be ready. So that you don't have to get ready." Best Facebook advice I've ever witnessed from a good friend who's now a 3-time Grammy winning drummer.


The Secret to a Happy Life

I've been flying free for the past couple of months. No job. Only teaching my MEGA Assistant University classes, taking the odd project here and there, and turning down a number of good offers (on paper) just to decompress a bit from my last role and really focus on the direction I want to sprint in next. It's equal parts flattering and weird to hear people call me "the next big thing" and "the fresh new voice on the scene" advocating for Executive and Personal Assistants. It's no secret. I LOVE being an Executive Assistant and I love helping others realize their potential. I hate BS, so I tell it like it is. I never imagined that telling the truth would thrust me into such a spotlight. But, mmm kay. I'm down if you are!


Top Executive Assistants: Crashing the BS Party

So...the narrative about Executive Assistants has been diluted so much in the past 3 years or so that it's become more confusing than clarifying. Everybody's an "expert" these days posting fluffy, BS articles that generalize the grind, paint pictures that we're chaos wranglers and do-it-alls with a perma-smile plastered across our faces, and swimming joy laps in the underrepresentation, under compensation, underutilization and lack of empathy often suffered at the hands of the people we're low-key expected to take a bullet for. As someone with 26+ years in the seat, having given up the best years of my personal life to claw my way to the top of the EA game, I'm often pissed off seeing low ROI conferences duping EAs out of thousands of dollars, newbies claiming and weaponizing expertise they haven't actually earned, and articles/vlogs/blogs that serve no purpose other than pushing a personal agenda wrapped in yet another bullshit "Top 5 Ways To..." list or ad campaign.


Raising Children for a Better Future

I recently watched the brilliant documentary on Fred (Mr.) Rogers called "Won't You Be My Neighbor." If you were lucky enough to be in the generation who got to watch this TV show each week then you'll understand how big of an impact Mr. Rogers had on children of all ages, from every walk of life. He was a maverick, with balls down to here, even though his gentle demeanor was often mistaken and misperceived as weak or too passive with many calling his sexuality into question. In those precious, few minutes each week Fred Rogers addressed some pretty heavy topics like self-esteem, racism, divorce, bullying, death, fatal diseases -- with a ninja-like adeptness, to an audience of children as young as 3 years old. He taught children, each and every day, that they were special and imbued them with a much needed shot of caring and love in a world growing more and more precarious by the day. At that time.