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10 months

Remembering Zell Miller's Call To Country Over Party

Last week former Georgia Senator and Governor, and lifelong Democrat, Zell Miller passed away at the age of 86. His life and legacy are immense. From creating Georgia’s HOPE scholarship to assist academically gifted poor Georgian children in achieving a higher education, to his over 45 years in public service, the former Marine and professor from rural Appalachia undoubtedly left his mark on this country.

10 months

How Far Do the Second Amendment’s Constitutional Protections Really Extend?

In the wake of the horrific attack last month on a Florida high school, the discourse of these past few weeks have focused on how to best protect American children and citizens from violent harm and particularly in regards to firearms.

10 months

President Trump Should Take a Second Look at Elon Musk

Last week, President Donald Trump publicly praised entrepreneur Elon Musk at a cabinet meeting, applauding the Tesla and SpaceX leader for his work in producing aeronautical technology and rockets.

10 months

After Cambridge Analytica, What Are The Regulatory Risks To Facebook?

Thanks to a combination of luck, as other major stories were few the past few days, and a still volatile attitude towards Big Tech in the political world, Facebook's Cambridge Analytica scandal has gone from what could have been a seemingly relative minor incident to one that is both threatening Facebook's business model and suddenly increasing regulatory concerns for the company. Zuckerberg even issued a rare public apology, as users are deeply troubled by this seeming breach of privacy.

10 months

The “Brave New World” for Public Affairs, Brand Consulting & Political Risk Management

This D.C. ain’t your grandfather’s D.C. – that’s one very understated way of putting it.

10 months

What Democratic Republic of Congo’s Mining Reform Means for Africa

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has undertaken a bold reform in its mining sector. This month, DRC’s its president Joseph Kabila signed into law a new mining code that increases royalties and taxes that mining companies pay. This happened even in the face of strong objections from international mining companies operating in DRC: Glencore, Randgold, China Molybdenum and Ivanhoe.

10 months

UK Facing Strong Headwinds

Can the EU affordto be tough over Ireland? 

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