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2 years

The Secret Behind Singapore's Success

Singapore is one of the best places to be born in and to live in.  A great location, honest government and lots of foreign trade helped transform this tiny state into a regional powerhouse. Quite amazingly, a society destined to fail in 1965 has become one of the world’s greatest success stories. So how did Singapore become a success story?

3 years

India's Certainty of Growth Leading to Instability

India faces an uphill battle to become a low-inflation economy where growth and inequalities are important issues. The current government believes that inflation is an acceptable tool to pay for faster growth.

3 years

A Heated French Presidential Election

The French presidential election has been full of surprises—from former Prime Minister Manuel Valls’s failed Socialist primary bid to the financial scandal plaguing the campaign of François Fillon, the center-right candidate. No one has benefitted from these surprises more than Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron, where a win of the extreme right wing candidate is looming over the bond markets. 

3 years

Donald Trump's Presidency has Begun

Donald Trump has begun his presidency with a series of policy interventions, taking aim at Barack Obama’s signature healthcare policy, raising the prospect of a new US missile defence system and ushering in a new period of American protectionism. His presidency is likely to bring big policy shifts across several key aspects of American life. 

3 years

The Return of Nostalgic Nationalism

Last year, president-elect Donald Trump vowed to make America great again by setting new global trends. However, long before his rise to power, China, Russia and Turkey had already established the fashion for nostalgic nationalism, a movement which will continue in 2017.

3 years

Escalation of Violence in Congo

Antigovernment protests flared in Congo after Joseph Kabila reshuffled his government to bolster his bid to remain president until scheduled elections in 2018.  He formed an expanded 65-member cabinet headed by opposition-leaning Samy Badibanga as prime minister. 

3 years

A New Surveillance Law Has Been Voted in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has taken a deep plunge into surveillance with a far-reaching new law. The Investigatory Powers Act 2016 officially became law this past Tuesday 29th, offering unprecedented new powers to police and spy agencies in the UK for keeping tabs on British citizens.