Priyanka Naik Tech Guru

Priyanka is a multi-disciplinary practitioner in the banking, risk and financial technology space. Backed by a coveted blend of robust technical background and acquired competencies in the BFSI domain, she can intelligently connect the dots between the conventional banking industry needs, customer pain points and contemporary digital solutions. She fervently aspires to drive innovations to the financial services industry - by leveraging disruptive technologies like Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC), Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), Big Data, Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Internet of Things (IoT), Chatbots, Blockchain, CryptoCurrencies, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Biometrics & Wearables - that would eventually serve to improve the overall financial inclusion & innovation. 

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UX is the Answer. What was the Question Though?

You’ve probably heard the oft-repeated jargon "UX", you may even know that it stands for "User Experience"– but do you understand what it really means?


Profound Insights from Everyday Data!

In this day and age, almost every business is toying with the idea of “Big Data”, i.e. taking on vast volumes of data, surveying them using complex algorithms & predicting outcomes based on the past patterns. Everyone from Amazon and Google to presidential candidates are successfully using Big Data to further their missions - whether it is to precisely target prospective customers or to win elections!


FinTech Terms Deciphered - An Understanding for Everyone

FinTech is rapidly changing the world - as any FinTech enthusiast will tell you a hundred times! But what’s with all the lingo? Despite the brouhaha, getting what’s exactly happening can be hard. You'll find some banking terms, some technical jargons and some lingo unique to FinTech as a whole!


BPM: What, Why and More

In the ever-evolving economy that we're in today, most businesses are pressured to perform with the limited resources available to them - which mandates them to continually evolve, redesign, implement and manage the processes that are employed to run the business.


Digital Design Terms Explained Simply

Today, many businesses understand that investing in creating optimal application designs [a little background for the uninitiated], will provide them a much coveted competitive advantage. Yet, with the profusion of design terminologies and jargons (which are often wrongly used interchangeably), it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the brouhaha.


What Defines a Smart CBS?

There has been a gigantic metamorphosis of sorts in the role of a bank's core-banking system over the last few years. From underpinning the core of branch banking, it is now expected to be all-pervasive and evolve into a 24*7 service delivery channel with anywhere, anytime banking facility. Increasing consumer demands, existing technical limitations and a dire need to lower costs are collectively veering banks and financial institutions towards core-banking transformation (CBT) and digital re-imagination of their services.


No Stop Run for Cobol!

When people mention COBOL, it's usually either met with a scoff or a groan, conjuring up unimpressive images of programmers trying to maintain mission critical business applications using thousands of lines of code. The antiquated language no more enjoys the lionized position that it did a few decades ago. And with reports of its waning popularity making rounds every few years, one may want to revisit its relevance in the current scenario.


The Principles Behind DevOps

The face of modern IT has been changing swiftly, as data centers transition from physical infrastructures to virtual infrastructures. 'Cloud' applications extensively use microservices (small chunks of independent functions), deploy via containers and communicate via APIs.


Let's SMAC that Business!

SMAC (short for Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud) is an emerging paradigm in the business world, following close on the heels of the emergence of a full-blown Internet economy. It refers to a symbiotic integration of the four major pillars of digital transformation, namely - Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud, which has a potential to revamp the way we do businesses today. 


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