Rajh V Iyer Investment Guru

Rajh is a serial entrepreneur with ventures in knowledge process outsourcing, hospitality, retail, IT and e-commerce. He has over 25 years of corporate experience and expertise in key roles of leadership, strategy, planning & management. Rajh is especially skilled at developing new profit centers within scheduled timelines and costs while ensuring operational efficiencies through long-term strategic planning. His core expertise includes delivering customized and cost-effective solutions to meet the operational and financial goals of the organization and its stakeholders. Rajh holds an MBA in Marketing from the University of Mumbai. 


Alluring Truths of Being a CEO

“Time isn't the main thing. It's the only thing.” - Miles Davis


If You Do What Everyone Else Is Doing, You Will End Up Where Everyone Else Is

A true market leader, whether company or brand, captures the meaning of its segment and replaces it with its own.


5 Types of Shoes Every Man Must Have In His Closet

Whoever said men’s fashion world isn’t as expansive as that of women’s clearly knew nothing of the vast variety of men’s shoe styles. Women, despite having a room-full of shoes, can find none appropriate for any events. Men, on the other hand, just need a few specific ones that will complement their look for every event in their life. Here goes a list of 5 types of shoes every man must have in his closet.


Why Company Culture Should Top the List of Priorities at Every Startup Stage

Organizational culture is such an oft repeated buzzword in corporate circles that it has become one of those overused stereotypes that lose the superlative weight they carry with every casual mention. However, culture is the only one thing that manages to keep me tossing and turning upon at every stage of my startup journey.


When We Have Money, We Start Making Mistakes

No one can understand the importance of values and ethics in business more than Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba Group, who has lived and grown through humble beginnings. Adding further to his wise thoughts, I believe, that in the world of today that is entirely driven on machines, it is important to keep our brains and hearts less mechanized and more thoughtful of the people (read valuable customers) who bring us our bread and butter.