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Saurabh Sharma is a passionate writer, theatre artist and public speaker. Currently working as a content marketer. He's a freelance journalist at Palimpsest Publishing House for their monthly issue, The Equator Line and writes on Youth Ki Awaaz about the stifling environment of LGBTQIA+ community in India.

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Sex, Gender, and Sexual Orientation – The Difference, Which We All Should Know

Just after I came out as Gay, I received a lot of requests from the closeted friends, whom I knew earlier, and they still are closeted. They just ‘wanted-to-talk-to-me,’ and that was good enough a reason to be in touch. But they came out to me on messenger, telling me when they ‘felt-like-gay’ or ‘I knew from the beginning but whom to tell’ kind of messages.


7 Books that Can Transform your Life

Books are no less than gurus. They are our best of friends, patient enough to be with us during hard times and the one to guide us at all times.


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