Savvy Raj Society Guru

Savvy is a Global Goodwill Ambassador, Artist and Member International Council of Dance UNESCO Dance Educator. From individuals to the corporate sector, she has taught dancing to people of all ages. She conducts workshops in Ballroom and Latin dances integrated with mindful movements as an effective stress buster program. Savvy completed her education in the University of Mumbai.


5 Tips To Breakthrough The Rut of Routine

Are you feeling you are living a routine life?


The Dance And The Dancer

How can you separate the dancer from the dance?


Journey On Until You Meet Yourself

Journey on until you meet yourself



I have fond memories of black and white photographs taken by my dad in his old box camera. The three pictures that I have used are a representation of my world back in the era of black and white. Be it watching the swaying coconut trees and the shimmering water on moonlit nights, or the artistry of those antique time pieces collected by my grandfather and of course those lively evenings in my childhood years, where the old gramophone would play so invitingly that we would all be waltzing and jiving away to evergreen hits. Yes nostalgia filled me in those verses, but with happy memories. 


Art of Management: Managing Thoughts

Our thoughts can make or break us. Our life seems like a hell or a blessing in the way our thoughts unfold. Each thought has a unique purpose.