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12 days

Entrepreneurial Syndromes

A syndrome describes a number of signs or symptoms that occur together, like Down's syndrome. The word derives from the Greek syndromos which is a place where several roads meet. Diagnosing a syndrome relies on pattern recognition, recall and interpretation and is a staple of medical education and consistently shows up as "gotcha" questions on specialty board exams.

14 days

How to Close the Sick Care Digital Divide

2019 will be a big year for 5G. But, as the saying goes, the future is now, just unevenly distributed.

15 days

Healthcare: Don't Make These Fund Raising Mistakes

Raising money is hard, whether it be for a for profit or not for profit. You will need a plan and the right people to do it. For most entrepreneurs, it is a full time consideration.

17 days

Will Surgeons Lose their Skills in the Age of Automation?

The sick care industry has a lot to learn from the airline industry, like flight operations (OR scheduling and turnover), cockpit management (check lists, time outs and huddles) and demand management and pricing (new models of charging for unused OR time, particularly on off peak hours and week-ends).

18 days

Artificial Intelligence Leadership Challenges in Healthcare

Scaling a business or organization takes many skills. Probably the most critical is building and leading diverse and inclusive high performance teaGms. Sick care is no exception, where medical care teams are increasingly being urged to work with patients and their support teams as part of engagement and patient centered care models.

22 days

The Business Case For Patient and Doctor Experience Innovation

There are three basic ways to establish or TEE up a competitive advantage: Technological excellence, Execution/operational excellence and customer Experience excellence e.g speed, convenience, service and high touch. You must dominate on one, but be equally competitive on the others. Here is how to measure them.

22 days

The Sick Care Entrepreneur's Guide to 2019

If you are are a physician entrepreneur, 2019 will be another year of opportunity. In order to create user defined value through the discovery, development and deployment of innovation, you will need to continue lifelong learning, find the resources, build robust internal and external networks, work with mentors and mentees, get peer to peer support and continue working on your personal and professional talent development plan. You will also need a lot of luck.

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