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20 days

A World with No Pharmacies

Industry funding of research has always been a rather fraught topic. In the immediate aftermath of what we might reasonably call the “Coca-Cola calorie debacle,” or perhaps “GEBNgate,” it is all the more so. But in this domain, as in so many, the rush to summary judgment (in either direction) obliterates nuance fundamental to real understanding, and obscures a middle path conducive to important and even crucial advances.

23 days

Urgency of Risk in Reproductive Health – A Blockchain Solution

In an article published in The Washington Post in November 2018, the author shared the horrific experiences of women being inseminated with their own doctor’s sperm instead of the sperm donor that the doctor had promised to procure. For at least one victim and her now adult child in Indiana, this reproductive scam felt like rape. The article observes that reproductive fraud is not an isolated event in one or two regions. No, it has occurred across the globe; women struggling with fertility and their children-to-be are exposed to unidentified illness, medical criminality and scandalous abuses of trust, identification, security and safety.

23 days

Benefits of Alkaline Foods

Your body will do everything within its power to maintain balance to keep you alive. Whether you help or hinder that process is entirely your choice. This choice is largely made by the foods you eat on a daily basis. Your body maintains balance through pH (potential hydrogen), a scale of 0 to 14 used to represent the relative acidity or alkalinity with 7 being the neutral point. This is similiar to a swimming pool that requires a balanced pH to maintain a healthy environment.

27 days

When Safe Drugs Become Risky: The Clinical Danger Zone

Each year in the U.S., approximately four billion prescriptions are filled. That's a big number. But perhaps an even "bigger" number is the four to eight million of those dispensed that will potentially involve life-threatening errors. Going to the pharmacy for a necessary medicine is not supposed to be a high-stakes game. But, even physicians and the nation’s most trusted profession -- pharmacists -- aren’t infallible. Generally, it’s not their fault. What goes wrong?

1 month

Synthetic Biology —  Life Redesigned

Synthetic biology is a relatively new field of science that includes both the design and formation of entirely new biological systems or components, and the redesign and production of natural biological systems. According to Allied Market Research, the worldwide synthetic biology market will reach $38.7 billion by 2020. The factors contributing to recent breakthroughs in synthetic biology include the falling cost of genomic sequencing, the improved ability to sequence larger genomes, the advancement of the analytical power of sequencers, the availability of gene sequencing from third-party providers, and the democratization of gene editing due to CRISPR-Cas9 technology. CRISPR-Cas9 has not only improved the ability of researchers and scientists to target, edit, and activate or deactivate genes, but also to rewire complex biological circuits and systems.

1 month

Diet Guidance in America: Of, By, and For What People?

Before turning attention directly to the Dietary Guidelines, let’s conduct a thought experiment. Imagine that a major auto manufacturer, pick anyone you like, has its best engineers draw up detailed blueprints for the new lineup of cars. Imagine these blueprints begin with the prior lineup of cars, but then use the best, current engineering and technology to improve on them.

1 month

Truth about Saturated Fat

Folks, hold your horses; I know just what’s going on here.

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