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27 days

3 Secrets to Dealing with Pressures of Modern Life

Managing your stress will improve your holistic lifestyle.

27 days

Variety and Adventure helps Natural Weight Loss

Try something new and exciting to help you lose weight naturally.

27 days

Raw and Cooling Foods aid Natural Weight Loss

Nourishing and hydrating summertime foods will have a positive impact on your weight loss efforts.

29 days

Diet is a Noun

Diet in our culture all too often is a verb; as in “dieting.” We “diet,” or perhaps worse, “go” on a diet.

30 days

Exercising with Thyroid Issues

Thyroid issues are currently very common in our country. Symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain, joint pain, and depression can all occur if the thyroid isn’t functioning and balancing hormones properly. Because the symptoms of thyroid issues are affecting the body both physically and mentally, a lot of questions come up when it comes to fitness… like “Can I work out? Are there exercises that I shouldn’t be doing?” In most cases, you can and should work out when dealing with hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism (*always consult with your physician)! But the key is to not over-do it! You definitely want to listen to your body at all times! Exercising can help combat symptoms from thyroid dysfunction by increasing energy, increasing bone density, increasing metabolism, improving mood, and promoting better sleep.

1 month

Food Craving and Holistic Health Issues

Deconstructing the Myths Surrounding Food Cravings

1 month

How Many Wake up Calls Do You Need?

Have you or anyone you know had a “wake up” call and still didn’t change anything?