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28 days

The Mediterranean Diet: Where Are We Now?

The lead up to the Mediterranean Diet Roundtable conference at Yale University, where I will be privileged to serve as speaker and MC has been, in a word, turbulent. Over just the past couple of weeks, there has been a bounty of news regarding the meeting’s eponymous topic, involving both trials, and tribulations.

1 month

Democracy versus Delusion

Lately, I am hearing from friends and colleagues with prominent voices in health and medicine – in some cases voices much more prominent than my own- that members of their large following are advising them to stop talking about politics. Sometimes my friends tell me this directly; sometimes I see such commentary in their social media feed. I see it in my own, too, as well as my email inbox every day. 

1 month

How Adventurer Nicole Stott became the First Astronaut to Paint in Space

I have a love of flying and a belief in the mission of flying in space. I also thought it would just be an incredibly fun and awe inspiring experience and it was!  Nicole Stott, Astronaut and Artist.

1 month

A Diet of Alternative Facts

The events culminating in our election outcome were characterized as the advent of a “post truth era.” We have since devolved from post-truth, to “alternative facts:” essentially, a choice between bald-faced lies about verified reality- or delusion, calling out for medical care. Either way, we are being fed a daily diet of unpalatable (to most of us), insalubrious (for all of us) deceit.

1 month

The Post-Parent Era?

I keep wondering, in what seems the new, emperor’s-new-clothes-like surreality: where have all the grown-ups gone? Where are the parents, and grandparents? Are we, somehow, in a post-parent as well as post-truth dystopia now?

1 month

My First Career Day at an Inner City School

I have recently participated in my first career day and OMG, what an awesome experience! I would highly recommend you seeing how you can get involved in participating in one of these near you, no matter your career. And if you can do it at a school that’s in a not so good neighborhood, even better. The school that invited me to participate in their event was filled with inner city kids, many who have seen their fair share of violence, drugs, and problems in their household, more than most Americans will in their lifetime, yet none of them was over the age of 9 years old.

1 month

An ER Doctor Speaks at a High School Graduation

Last week, I delivered the Baccalaureate address at my alma mater North Central High School in Indianapolis. This is what I said to the graduates.