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Are Culture Wars Winnable in Healthcare?

In politics, culture wars typically are fought on the battlefields of income inequity, social disparities and disparate education levels. The uniforms of the soldiers are distinct by the color of their collars or their congressional district.

6 months

Women in Healthcare

The highest paying jobs in the US are in tech, medicine and law. For the first time, there are more women in medical school than men, but only 30% of the physician workforce are women. 60% of pharmacists are women. However, women hold only 20% of tech jobs. Over one in three lawyers are women.

6 months

Healthcare: What are your Innovation IRR's?

When it comes to getting your employees (intrapreneurs), or the citizens of your country, to act like entrepreneurs, many have a hard time getting people to show up ready to play. Entrepreneurship is dropping in the US. In addition, some countries, like China, are mandating that products be increasingly made in their own country, like medical devices instead of importing them from the US and Europe. China may use incentives to encourage domestic hospitals to use Chinese-made medical devices as it looks to stimulate the local market and reduce soaring healthcare costs, a potential threat to the global firms who currently dominate the sector.

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The Internet of Medical Things Challenges

Each day, more and more things get connected, creating an event bigger and bigger smart world creating more and more data that makes us more and more vulnerable to cyberattacks and intrusions.

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It’s Not Just About the Pap – Why Women Should See Their Gynecologist

Some days, work frustrates me. Yes, we all have our frustrations. Maybe the traffic is slow and you get to work late. Maybe you spill your coffee on your work clothes as you walk into your office. Maybe someone calls in sick and you are short of help at work. But my frustration has to do with not being able to properly care for my patients. This frustration lies in the misconception that women should only go see their gynecologist if they need a Pap smear.

6 months

How to Improve MedTech

Like all sick care industries, The $379B MedTech indutsry is feeling the impact of the tsumani of sick care change. Veritical integraton is but one trend being driven by the need to come up with system solutions in a risk sharing environment, not just gadgets.

6 months

SickWork and Office Space

WeWork now claims the accomplishment of being the number one occupier of office space in Manhattan based on square footage. The Wall Street Journal first reported this news noting the flexible co-working space provider leases 5.3 million square feet of office space. WeWork says with its lease of 258,344 square feet at 21 Penn Plaza  it has topped the 5.2 million square feet of office space that JPMorgan Chase owns or rents. WeWork became the largest private occupier of office space in London and Washington, DC, earlier this year.

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