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7 months

The Health Care System: What’s In A Name?

The trail that led me to a career in health promotion is relatively more or less selfish, depending on where we begin it.

7 months

Nobel Laureate Frances H. Arnold’s Innovative Discovery

Directed evolution (DE) is the acceleration of natural evolution using an iterative laboratory processes at the molecular level. Directed evolution of enzymes and binding proteins was a concept that was theorized in by German biophysicist Manfred Eigen — a Nobel Prize in Chemistry laureate, who was awarded the prize in 1967 for his research on fast chemical reactions.

7 months

You are Glowing, Literally — Human Bioluminescence

Bioluminescence is light produced by a living organism that is a result of a chemical metabolic reaction within the body of the organism.

7 months

Does Eating Organic Prevent Cancer?

For years I have been writing - most recently in a dedicated entry in The Truth about Food* - that despite my general enthusiasm for organic food, and the environmental benefits of organic farming, direct evidence of human health benefit from organic food is very scarce and quite elusive. That’s all still true this week, but with a noteworthy addendum. A study just published in JAMA Internal Medicine associates routine consumption of organic food with reduced cancer risk. We will return to that provocative suggestion shortly.

7 months

Flu, Fools, Fanatics, and You

Ordinarily this time of year I say you should get your flu vaccine, and let you know I’ve just gotten mine. Due to an intense flurry of recent travel, I am obligated to say I am about to get mine- but the rest of the narrative is quite perennial.

7 months

Light Is The New All Natural Ingredient For Health And Wellness

Technology offers new and interesting options for non-drug therapeutic interventions.  From puffs of air to treat a migraine to electroceuticals, these options can offer new approaches to modulate and manages aspects of physiology. While well established in clinical practice, light continues to offer interesting opportunities for digital health. The story of light is really the story of life. From Genesis to photosynthesis, it's a fascinating and important story.

7 months

Artificial Intelligence in the Digital Health Sector

What does a $1 Billion dollars get you in higher ed these days? M.I.T is using the money to build a college for artificial intelligence. The goal, according to the M.I.T. president, is to "educate the bilinguals of the future".