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7 months

Why Do People Still Say Doctors are Lousy Businesspeople?

Despite the many doctors creating user defined value through the deployment of innovation, people still insist doctors are lousy business people. The reasons vary, but the most common ones are :

7 months

What They Won't Teach You in Health Administration Schools

I think "health administration" is an anachronism, since we have a sick care system masquerading as a health care system and the last thing we need is more administrators, rather than leaderpreneurs.

7 months

What About the Caregiver Experience?

As the global population ages, family and friends caregivers (FFCs) are being called on to do more of the heavy lifting, both metaphorically and actually.

7 months

Entrepreneurial Sexual Dimorphism

It might sound intuitive, but, in nature, males have different biology than females. Scientists and clinicians call it sexual dimorphism. For example, severely injured women younger than 50 years of age have a survival advantage when compared with men of equal age and injury severity. Young men have a 27% greater chance of dying than women after trauma. Gender dimorphism affects the survival of patients after trauma.

7 months

How to Succeed in Healthcare

An overwhelming number of doctors, engineers and scientists don't have an entrepreneurial mindset. What's more, when they have an idea, they don't know what to do with it since they will not learn those competencies in their formal training. They just don't know how to innovate their way out of our sick care mess.

7 months

How to Close the Doctor-Patient Digital Divide

When it comes to eCare, patients are way ahead of their doctors. During the summer of 2015 Neilsen surveyed 5014 patients and 626 physicians. Among the specific results found are that while 36% of patients would like 24/7 access to telephone advice, only 14% currently have it.

7 months

Lazarus Took Fish Oil

Tales of the prowess and health effects of fish oil (or, more generically, long-chain omega-3 fatty acids) have flopped around more over the years than…well, you know what. We have been told that fish oil is all but a panacea; and we have heard it is entirely useless. But this flipping and flopping have suddenly probed whole new depths of absurdity. Within literal days of one another, two headlines appeared on Medscape, arguably the premier information portal for health care professionals, reaching diametrically opposing conclusions. 

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