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6 months

Side Gig or Entree?

These days more and more doctors have a side hustle, whether it be a way to earn more money, recovering from a disability, disciplinary action, disqualification, disaster or divorce, or as a pathway to exiting clinical medicine altogether. There are many side gig possibilities.

6 months

Deep and Surface Learning

Over the years we have heard of cognitive scientists talk about the distinction between deep and surface learning. Deep learning has been associated with understanding, meaning, and intrinsic motivation. Surface learning is identified by shallow memorization, the use of episodic memory to get through exams and generally, passive learning.

6 months

Are You Measuring Inputs or Impact?

Sick care products and services, whether they are created by a for profit or non-profit, ultimately should be measured by the impact they have on patients or beneficiaries. Have you achieved your mission?

6 months

How Humanitarian Dr. Chris Stout Overcame Adversity to Live a Life in Full

Dr. Chris E. Stout is a best-selling author, licensed clinical psychologist and accidental humanitarian. Chris completed his clinical education with a postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard Medical School in neurodevelopmental and behavioral pediatrics. He is also a Fellow in three divisions of the American Psychological Association, a former President of the Illinois Psychological Association, and a member in the National Academies of Practice.

6 months

Disposable Doctors

We all know how long it takes to create a practicing physician-in most instances, four years of college, four years of medical school, three to five years of residency and maybe two years of fellowship after that. Unfortunately, if disability, disease or some other life circumstance prevents trainees from getting over the finish line, they are, in most cases damaged goods, disposable and lost in the next career wilderness.

6 months

How to Find a Sick Care Job These Days

Sick care work has changed, along with the rest of the economy, so finding a job in the new sick care world will take a different strategy.

6 months

Misinformation: Bad Medicine for Any Disease

I rather doubt ignorance is genuine bliss. It’s just a holding pattern; the proverbial calm that anticipates a storm. While the arc of the moral universe is long and bends toward justice, the arc of understanding is long and bends toward truth. It finds us all, eventually. The most ignorant are simply the last to get the memo. Ignorance is delay.

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