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9 months

Are We Made of Stardust?

You may have heard the saying that “We are made of stardust.” What is the origin of this phrase? Is there any truth to it? Are there any facts to back the poetry? It’s an expansively romantic thought that is deeply rooted within the domain of hard science. 

9 months

If We Market Food Like There's No Tomorrow, Will There Be?

One of the regional supermarket chains in my part of the world, in fact the very one my family shops most often, routinely markets pizza in their TV commercials. The very point of TV commercials for a retail supermarket is to get people into the store, and this strategy must work for them, or the commercials would stop running. TV time is expensive, and businesses that spend their cash on things that don’t earn back more than they cost don’t tend to last very long.

9 months

Dietary Truth For People and Planet Alike

Excerpted below is the two-page conclusion from The Truth about Food. For the remaining ~750 pages and answers to every question you may have about coffee and calories; lentils and lollipops; protein and probiotics; soy, and sugar, and salt, and saturated fat and here.

9 months

We Need More Surgitels

Hospitals are becoming obsolete. So, what should we do with all that space after the sick care apocalypse? Here are some ideas:

9 months

Small Changes Lead to BIG Changes

As you journey toward becoming your healthiest self, it's the small steps you take over time that build to achieve long and lasting results. There is no magic pill or fad diet that will replace the simple healthy changes you can make to promote a healthier life. BUT, that doesn't mean it has to be hard. By taking little steps over time, you can begin to reap the benefits of the changes you need for a permanent, healthy, lasting lifestyle.

9 months

Aetna, CVS, Walgreens And Amazon May Finally Let Pharma Do What It Does Best

Aetna, CVS, Walgreens, and Amazon are some of the most powerful words in healthcare. And in that context, the era of retail medicine is fast approaching. Much of this concept is build around the love affair with the customer that defines much of the retail marketplace today. Or, as some say, customer-centricity.

9 months

The Curious Yet Wonderful Bedfellows Of Health Tech

In September, Circulation, a digital Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) exchange, merged with LogistiCare, the largest broker of NEMT rides in the country. The combined entity’s goal is to improve access to healthcare by creating a large-scale logistics network available on-demand, fundamentally changing the way individuals consume healthcare services. But I'm getting ahead of myself.