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7 months

How To Pick a Residency if You are Interested in Entrepreneurship

Applying for and being accepted to a residency after medical school is a complex, important decision. There are several factors to consider including the reputation of the place, the likelihood you will be accepted, the culture, whether it is a "good fit", your performance in medical school,where you went to medical school and undergrad, bias,whether you are applying as a couple, the local cost of living, and, the location and lifestyle amenities it offers and how much it pays.

7 months

Encouraging Sick Care Trends

It is easy to be cynical about the present state of sick care affairs. We see the negatives like doctors leaving practice prematurely, high rates of burn out and physician suicide, national political polarization, and, of course, all things EMR.

7 months

Meat, Potatoes, and Mortality: How Understanding Dies in a Cyberspatial Car Crash

Q: When are car crash fatalities more likely: when a population has more cars and drives more, or when a population has fewer cars and drives less? A: Hold that thought…*

7 months

Internet of Things (IoT): Four Ways it will impact Health

My vision of a digital health revolution is in four parts, those being:

7 months

A Climate of Lies

First thing this morning, I hugged my son - a strong, stoic, steady young man - as he sobbed about the prospect of a ravaged planet, and a blighted future. I could think of little more constructive to do than join him. Later, when my daughter called, on her way to now seemingly pointless classes in “environmental studies” at her university, and cried into the phone - I joined her, too.

7 months

Have Medical Questions to Ask Your Doctor? 4 Tips to Get Them Answered

How many of you have had the experience of going to the doctor, having tons of medical questions about what is going on with your body, and then leaving the doctor appointment without asking any of them? Or leaving feeling more confused than when you went in? I know I have!… and I’m a physician myself! As a physician, let me give you advice on what you can do to more effectively ask a medical question. When you have questions to ask your doctor your goal is to ask in a way that gets your medical questions answered.

7 months

Side Gig or Entree?

These days more and more doctors have a side hustle, whether it be a way to earn more money, recovering from a disability, disciplinary action, disqualification, disaster or divorce, or as a pathway to exiting clinical medicine altogether. There are many side gig possibilities.

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