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8 months

Keeping Our Wits With (and About) Our Cholesterol

We have long known, and right we have been, that elevated blood cholesterol levels, notably LDL levels, are bad for hearts and arteries, and the bodies and minds those suffuse and serve. What then accounts for headlines like “High Cholesterol Linked to Better Brain Health in People Over 85” issuing from a study just published in Alzheimer’s & Dementia?

8 months

Your Breast Cancer Screening Questions Answered

Hey ladies! And you gents too! Everyone is affected by breast cancer, either personally or by a family member or friend. Fortunately, we live in a time where breast cancer can be detected earlier and when detected, can be treated and cured. The key is early detection.

8 months

Giving Birth is like Running a Marathon

Giving birth and running a marathon. They are two seemingly different entities but have many similarities. The inevitable pain, the highs, the lows, the feeling that you may falter or can’t survive the pain and, in the midst of it all, that you will never do it again…but then you do.

8 months

Mac, Cheese, and Hot Lead

Assuming you aren’t preoccupied with trivialities, like whether or not 30 million people have health insurance, then you know that the big medical news of the past week was about…Mac and Cheese. We learned there was some bad stuff in it.

8 months

The Conventional Wisdom is Fake News

If anything else, the role of innovators is to challenge the conventional wisdom. But, blowing things up, poking your fingers in the eyes of vested interests and ignoring conventional wisdom often come with serious consequences.

8 months

4 Steps to Help Keep Superbugs Away From Your Family

We live in a time where antibiotics are the answer to everything. Ear infection? Antibiotic. Sore throat? Antibiotic. Coughed twice today?…You get the picture. You schedule with your family medical doctor, you are examined for about 2 minutes, get a script, stop by the pharmacy, and on your way to wellness right? What if this common, seemingly harmless medical advice that we’ve been receiving for years, is drastically promoting the increase of super bugs and making our population, especially our kids, sicker than ever?

8 months

How to Reduce Your Blood Pressure Naturally

Nearly 2/3 of Americans are classified as either pre-hypertensive or hypertensive. And of those, only about 50% have their blood pressure under control.