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8 months

The Sickcare Intrapreneur Innovation Roadmap

Physician entrepreneurs come in several flavors: private practitioners, technopreneurs, social entrepreneurs, edupreneurs, academic entrepreneurs, service providers and physician investors.

8 months

We Don't Need Healthcare Dating Services

There are innumerable sick care startups and most of them are looking for pilot sites. Some get stuck in pilot purgatory.

8 months

Customer Insight Techniques in Healthcare

Finding the right product-market fit for your product or process improvement is the single most important step in new product development and failure to do so i.e. not producing something that customers want to buy or use, is the leading cause of startup failure. The second most common one is failing to use a VAST business model.

8 months

Patient Engagement vs Experience vs Quality

What's the difference between patient engagement, experience and quality? Here's how the Chief Experience Officer at the Cleveland Clinic sees it:

8 months

Scientists on Brink of Creating a Gene in a Single Day

Making DNA isn't a new thing for science — we've been able to make the new DNA stands since the 1970s, but it's a slow process. It requires geneticists to build DNA strands one nucleotide at a time. While the process works, it is prone to errors and limits the buildable genes to a couple of hundred letters — a mere fraction of what makes up a standard gene.

8 months

2019 Sick Care Trends and Opportunities

The future is now, just unevenly distributed. So, instead of looking for Moon Shot "never been done before" blockbusters in 2019, like the cure for cancer, obesity, diabetes or Alzheimer's disease, perhaps it is more reasonable to take advantage of opportunities that already exist but that have not diffused into the practice of medicine nor have become the standard of care.

8 months

Entrepreneurial Syndromes

A syndrome describes a number of signs or symptoms that occur together, like Down's syndrome. The word derives from the Greek syndromos which is a place where several roads meet. Diagnosing a syndrome relies on pattern recognition, recall and interpretation and is a staple of medical education and consistently shows up as "gotcha" questions on specialty board exams.