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7 months

Fitbit Launches An Activity Tracker For Kids

I guess the simple question is if we really need another activity tracker.  And to that point, do we need one for kids?

7 months

Fighting The Next World War With A Musket

We are vulnerable to invasion. Our enemies are not deterred by geopolitical boundaries or border walls, and that puts the entire world at risk—each and every one of us.

7 months

Truth and the Tribulations of Randomized Diet Trials

The volume of bad answers, bad questions, noise and nonsense conspiring to hide the simple, fundamental truths about diet and health seems to swell daily. The task of generating a signal to be heard over this din grows more challenging in tandem. Among the cries populating the cacophony of misinformation is the contention that we know nothing not directly demonstrated in a randomized controlled trial. Much as I like RCTs, having run and published the results of dozens over my career, I consider this view misguided surrender to the tyranny of trial design.

7 months

The Fasting and the Furious

I have yet to see any installments of the long-running Fast and Furious movie franchise, although my son and I recently agreed we probably should. There is, however, a much longer franchise that I’ve been watching closely throughout my career: the fad and folly franchise, devoted not to fast cars, but fast weight loss and promises of high-octane health, achieved magically and without effort.

7 months

Stage Zero Disease And Technology's Shift From Intervention To Prevention

Eat your spinach. Go exercise. Take good care of yourself.

7 months

When White is not the Color of your Parachute

Once upon a time, people kept a job for 40 years and then retired with a defined benefit pension. They worked for corporations or rode up the promotion and tenure ladder at universities.

7 months

Is your Role to be on Stage or Upstage?

Entrepreneurs should engage either a personal or corporate advisor or an advisory board. The roles of the advisors differ, but they generally fall into the following categories: money, marketing, making something, management, manpower, mentors, monitoring the environment and mergers and acquisitions.

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