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2 months

Eggs, Oxygen and the Perennially Breathless State of Our Nutritional Nincompoopery

Are eggs good or bad for us now? Yes. A recent meta-analysis, widely covered by media ever hungry for just such dietary provocations, reported that the more eggs people ate over time, the more prone they were to heart disease. This, inevitably, has been juxtaposed with the advice in the 2015 Dietary Guidelines to abandon a specific focus on dietary cholesterol- and unleashed the predictable round of breathless expostulations about the deplorable state of nutritional science and understanding.

2 months

There is a Problem with Leadership in Healthcare

With those words Simon Sinek (from i.e. Let's start with WHY) replied to me in our interview with him for the coverstory for the first edition of the international edition of ICT & Health : “There isn’t a problem with medicine. There is a problem with leadership!” 

2 months

A Tribute to Nurses

Have a look at this great TEDMED video that has been published in the National Nurses week.

2 months

How Robots Help Refuel Satellites

While many modern satellites are powered by onboard solar panels and batteries, most currently orbiting satellites required fuel. Each is equipped with enough hypergolic fuel to last throughout its entire mission, but what happens when these satellites run out of gas? NASA has come up with a solution: Restore-L.

2 months

Obesity and Diabetes are Regressive: A Soda Tax? Not So Much

As I write this, I am just back from the Connecticut State Legislature, where I gave testimony in support of a “soda tax” proposed by our Governor. Before answering the questions (and provocations) of legislators (again) both favorably and ill-disposed to the measure, I had roughly 3 minutes to make my case. I lay it out for you below, along with the embellishments that did not fit in so tight a space.

2 months

Spending Too Much Time Anxious or Stressed? 5 Steps to Take Control and Shift Your Thinking

Handling stress and balancing life are important ingredients for health and well-being. Stress is unavoidable so it's in our best interest to figure out a way to deal with it. When we are caught up in a stressor sometimes it is hard to gain perspective. If we are anxious, this can lead to catastrophic predictions about what the outcome may be.

2 months

It's Time to End MCATs

The University of Denver will no longer require students to submit SAT or ACT scores with their applications joining 1000 other universities making the change. National studies found that high school grades are the best predictor of a student’s future college success, and standardized test scores have a low correlation with persistence and graduation.