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2 months

Women in Medicine

Women make up more than 50% of medical school students. Yet, only slightly more than 30% of the US physician workforce are women. That differs from other countries.

2 months

Let Patients Choose Their Own Adventure

The publishers of Choose Your Own Adventure are suing Netflix for trademark infringement.In case you don't know, Black Mirror, a science fiction anthology series focused on the horrors of technology, was originally on British television.

2 months

How Bots are Invading Healthcare

Most of you have used Google maps, Siri on your phone or a smart speaker some time today. As such, you have experienced the magic of artificial intelligence, algorithms and all that goes with, or without, it.

2 months

5 Issues Facing Medical Schools

Despite the noise and groaning, medical school applications continue to grow, driven by many factors. However, the medical school education model dates back to the Flexner report issued in 1910.. Many are trying to address the challenges of how to train the biomedical research and practice workforce to win the 4th industrial revolution, but progress has been slow.

2 months

What Accounts for the Prevalence of Food Allergy?

A recent paper in JAMA on the prevalence of food allergies in the US spawned headlines in opposing directions. Some media outlets emphasized that many fewer people have food allergies than believe they do, and thus implied that the problem has been exaggerated. Others noted that the numbers affected – nearly 11% of the surveyed sample of 40,000 adults intended to reflect the general population - were high just the same.

2 months

You Need to Sleep!

Is your sleep suffering? Can't sleep at all? Let’s talk about sleep, sleep hygiene, and ways to improve it. Quality sleep is essential to feeling well and chronic lack of sleep can have medical consequences and make it hard to recover from an illness like depression. We feel lousy when we have a lack of sleep!

2 months

Do You Often Forget to Take Medication? 3 Ways to Help You Remember

I was taught that on average a person remembers to take their medication 70% of the time. That is a lot of missed medication! Remembering to take medicine can be a challenge but there are helpful and easy ways to remember to take it more frequently.

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