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5 Easy Ways to Simplify Your Life

Food cravings are a big topic these days for sure but more and more women especially are craving simplicity. Is this you or someone you know?

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Innovation is an Outcome Not a Process

A business school colleague recently said that academics, frustratingly, are more about process than outcomes, and, that, occasionally, the process results in favorable outcomes. When processes are designed and portrayed as efforts to create innovative outcomes with out results, it's called innovation theater. Some cynics call it strategic planning.

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How to Lose Weight Without Dieting

Stop dieting and lose weight naturally. 

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Lose Weight Naturally: 3 Food Shopping Tips for Weight Loss

An array of food choices can really mess with your weight loss efforts.

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Natural Weight Loss: Clean Eating Improves Your Weight

Clean eating is about treating your body with love and respect.

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Nature, Nurture, Guns, and Hate

I recall when the current occupant of the White House was campaigning as the “law and order” candidate. I was disaffected then, knowing such bluster was disconnected from any genuine commitment or cogent plan to stay the hail of bullets in America. I am disgusted now, as more massacres of unsuspecting innocents punctuate the drowsy lassitude of mid-summer like lightning searing the sky.

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Improve Your Health: Clean Eating Recipe and Nutrition Tips

The roots of any plant are its anchor and foundation; they are the essential parts that support and nourish the plant. Root vegetables lend these properties to us when we eat them, making us feel physically and mentally grounded and rooted, increasing our stability, stamina and endurance.