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9 months

Will Surgeons Lose their Skills in the Age of Automation?

The sick care industry has a lot to learn from the airline industry, like flight operations (OR scheduling and turnover), cockpit management (check lists, time outs and huddles) and demand management and pricing (new models of charging for unused OR time, particularly on off peak hours and week-ends).

9 months

Artificial Intelligence Leadership Challenges in Healthcare

Scaling a business or organization takes many skills. Probably the most critical is building and leading diverse and inclusive high performance teaGms. Sick care is no exception, where medical care teams are increasingly being urged to work with patients and their support teams as part of engagement and patient centered care models.

9 months

Opportunities in Primary Care Entrepreneurship

We need more primary care entrepreneurs. Fewer adults are seeing their primary care physician (PCP), opting more often to see a nurse practitioner (NP) and physician assistant (PA), according to a new research brief from the Health Care Cost Institute (HCCI), a non-partisan, non-profit organization launched in 2011.  

9 months

The Business Case For Patient and Doctor Experience Innovation

There are three basic ways to establish or TEE up a competitive advantage: Technological excellence, Execution/operational excellence and customer Experience excellence e.g speed, convenience, service and high touch. You must dominate on one, but be equally competitive on the others. Here is how to measure them.

9 months

The Sick Care Artificial Intelligence Use Case Primer

Digital health definitions vary but the term is usually used to describe the use of information and communications technologies to exchange medical information. How it is used and for what purpose varies from one use case to the next. Here are some recent trends in digital health entrepreneurship.

9 months

The Rise of Medical Marijuana

Not surprisingly, this was another year when marijuana legalization spread like a weed. It is likely to continue in 2019 and many are expecting it to, eventually, be legalized throughout the US, like Canada and Uruguay. So far, 21 countries or territories have legalized cannabis fully or partially for medical and/or adult use. Its legalization in many states expanded as a result of the recent mid-term elections.

9 months

The Sick Care Entrepreneur's Guide to 2019

If you are are a physician entrepreneur, 2019 will be another year of opportunity. In order to create user defined value through the discovery, development and deployment of innovation, you will need to continue lifelong learning, find the resources, build robust internal and external networks, work with mentors and mentees, get peer to peer support and continue working on your personal and professional talent development plan. You will also need a lot of luck.