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10 months

Treating A Migraine With A Simple Puff Of Air

A headache, particularly a migraine, can be a stifling condition. In fact, migraine is the third most common disease in the world and more prevalent than diabetes, epilepsy and asthma combined.

10 months

16 Questions to Answer If You Are Seeing a Psychiatrist for the First Time

Going to see a psychiatrist? Make sure you are ready! Before you come in for your first psychiatrist appointment get prepared by answering the following questions. If you do this, we will spend less time recreating your history and more time talking about the reasons you have come in for the psychiatric appointment. If you are seeing a psychiatrist for the first time try to answer these 16 questions before your appointment.

10 months

7 Ways to Sleep Better Tonight

Looking for ways to sleep better? Insomnia and exhaustion are such a drag! If you are having problems sleeping read these 7 tips for better sleep. The benefits can be felt the first night. It may take time to reset your “sleep clock” and undo disruptive habits to truly get to the point where you feel rested. Hang in there because it will be worth it! Refresh yourself by getting quality, restorative sleep.

10 months

If Telomeres Could Talk

One of the reasons cardiology tends to advance so rapidly compared to other medical disciplines - with very noteworthy benefits, such as marked declines in both premature death and disability related to heart disease - is because of the power of surrogate markers. Surrogate markers in medicine are generally things we can measure in the short term that tell us with at least reasonable, and sometimes excellent, fidelity about likely outcomes in the long term.

10 months

The Drama of a C-section: It Takes a Team

She pushes her cleaning cart into the bright room. “Looks like the usual mess,” she mumbles to herself, pushing a loose piece of hair back into her blue cap. Methodically, she cleans the room beginning with the operating table, stripping off the bloody sheets. Then cleaning the floor of blood-stained shoe prints, amniotic fluid and bits of paper, needle caps and such, that managed to escape hands and land on the floor. She leaves no traces of the previous surgery. She sets aside the surgical instruments to be sterilized for the next case, mindful to keep the set together. When all is done, she arranges the room for another C-section. Just as she finishes, she is called into a different room.

10 months

Can Pharma ever be True Innovators in Digital Health?

The term innovation belongs to that congregation of clichés that can be lazily used to evoke a sense of modernity and progression, often within industries or professions better known for conservatism and resistance to change.

10 months

Barriers to Digital Health Physician Entrepreneurship

It seems that almost everyone who has anything to do with sick care is trying to innovate, move the needle, disrupt, create game changers and win the 4th industrial revolution. It could be a case of too many cooks spoiling the broth.