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10 months

Public Health and Citizens, Truly United

There are just two problems with the prevailing conception of “public health”- the public, and health. Neither means what we think it means.

10 months

Truth about Saturated Fat

Folks, hold your horses; I know just what’s going on here.

10 months

What If Exercise Were More Like Healthy Eating?

If exercise were more like healthy eating - none of us would be doing it.

10 months

Diet: Guidance Veers from Variety

The holidays are coming in hot (figuratively, and courtesy of climate change, literally as well), with Thanksgiving now under two weeks away. So, of course, all thoughts turn to…weight control.

10 months

Coworking is not Innovating

Many of you who are reading this probably are doing so from a laptop in a coworking space. The number of global coworking spaces is forecasted to grow from 14,411 in 2017 to just over 30,000 in 2022. The reasons why include:

11 months

Catastrophizing Anxiety

We all know what a catastrophe is but what about catastrophizing? Catastrophizing is a common occurrence in people that are feeling anxious. Catastrophizing is caused by anxiety but also serves to fuel anxious symptoms. Because of the cyclical worsening that happens with symptoms of anxiety it is important to interrupt this cycle. People stop living in the moment and spend much of their time worrying about the future.

11 months

Selling Diets, or Telling Truths

The True Health Initiative was created because, and only because, there is one clear wayof eating and living that massively promotes the longevity, vitality, and overall health of human beings, and well-being of the planet - and a global coalition of experts, influencers, and thought leaders believes you deserve to know what it is.