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9 months

Stage Zero Disease And Technology's Shift From Intervention To Prevention

Eat your spinach. Go exercise. Take good care of yourself.

9 months

When White is not the Color of your Parachute

Once upon a time, people kept a job for 40 years and then retired with a defined benefit pension. They worked for corporations or rode up the promotion and tenure ladder at universities.

9 months

Is your Role to be on Stage or Upstage?

Entrepreneurs should engage either a personal or corporate advisor or an advisory board. The roles of the advisors differ, but they generally fall into the following categories: money, marketing, making something, management, manpower, mentors, monitoring the environment and mergers and acquisitions.

9 months

Amidst the Cacophony, Cancer Counsel You Can Trust

Cancer has been much in the medical news over recent months, and with both good and diverse reasons. The good reasons all relate to genuine and important advances in medical knowledge, and options for patients. These range from immunotherapy for lung cancer, to the recently revealed insights, informed by genetic markers, about when breast cancer does not require chemotherapy.

10 months

Why We Should Teach Digital Health Entrepreneurship

Digital health products and services are rapidly diffusing into clinical medicine. Technologies like telemedicine, artificial intelligence and remote sensing are the new tools in the black bag of increasing numbers of clinicians.

10 months

Apples, Oranges, and Eggs

A just-published study in Heart is spawning headlines about the benefits of daily egg consumption. A health benefit from egg ingestion is possible, and this is a matter I've pondered before, and investigated directly. But I advise against taking such headlines too literally, as they turn over easily, and crack under very slight pressure.

10 months

Healthcare Data As Property Can Change Everything

Remember Cambridge Analytica? It was just the tip to the data iceberg. Issues around vast data sets, advanced analytics, revenue potential and ownership are all swirling together and reaching critical mass. But let’s take a step back.

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