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10 months

Robot-Proofing your Kids

A lot of parents and educators are worrying about how to robot-proof their kids so they don't become casualties of the 4th industrial revolution. A couple of days ago, I had the privilege to visit the front lines at the Denver School of Innovation and Sustainable Design as an invited guest speaker and entrepreneurship educator. I spoke to about 20 9th grade kids in their introduction to business class where they were in the midst of working on the businesses they had launched at the beginning of the course.

10 months

21 Years Ago

21 years ago, I saved a life. Yes, I have helped many women over the years, perhaps changed their life in some way, but this one time… this one time, there is no doubt in my mind, I saved this baby’s life.

10 months

The Concept of Conflict, Run Amok

For every inclination, it seems, there is an equal and opposite declination. For purposes here, for every colleague I know who thinks that industry funded research is always fine and no different, I know another who thinks it is always tainted. I am in the middle, where I so often find myself as opposing views clash.

10 months

Patients Don't Want to Make Decisions

By now you would think that since we are living in the world of patient autonomy and patient centered care that all patients want to make decisions when it comes to their care. Unfortunately, research indicates otherwise. Yet, we continue to hear lots about new digital tools, platforms and portals that claim to help patients do what they really don't want to do.

10 months

Saturated Fat: Weighed, Measured, and Found Wanting

A stunningly good, extraordinarily comprehensive paper on the health effects of saturated fat in our diets has weighed them in every relevant way, measured them with every pertinent metric, and found them wanting. There are no saturated fatty acids shown to be better than “harmless at best,” and those we consume most often and abundantly in fatty meats, processed meats, fast foods, dairy and processed dairy products are decisively worse than that. They are bad for us.

10 months

Medicine and Metaphor

I am an equal opportunity doubter. I doubt the teachings of my own conventional medicine, knowing how readily we succumb to the transgression of close-mindedness, welcoming only news ensconced within the confines of our native comforts and conventions. I doubt the teachings of so-called Complementary and Integrative Medicine (CIM) as well, having seen them wander into the realm known pejoratively as “woo,” and perpetrate the opposing transgression: a mind so open that brains flop out.

10 months

The Vegan Argument

Can we say whether or not a well balanced, vegan diet is best for human health? I will tell you the answer momentarily, but first- reasons for posing the question now.

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