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10 months

Data Driven Drug Pricing and More

Value based care means data driven care, whether it be clinical care, drugs, devices or digital therapeutics. Consequently, we are seeing convergent products that not only deliver, but measure the results as part of a whole product solution that drives and measures not only compliance and adherence, but results and pricing.

10 months

Dear Healthcare Professional, Don’t Take It Personal

Being a healthcare provider is really hard. Here’s one way to make it easier. Being a healthcare provider means it’s highly likely that the people we take care of on a daily basis are sick.

10 months

Boardsmanship 101

A very long time ago, I can remember walking into the Palmer House in Chicago to take my board examination administered by the American Board of Otolaryngology and Ophthalmology...yes, that's how long ago it was when both boards were combined. Remember EENT's?

10 months

Animal Protein as Perpetrator: The Challenge in Indicting the Right Nutrient

A study recently published in the International Journal of Epidemiology by researchers at Loma Linda University in California, and the Université Paris-Saclay, in Paris, France reports noteworthy health benefit from plant protein, and significant harms from animal protein. Just such diverging effects of this one nutrient class based on its delivery sources has a rather storied history, figuring prominently, for example, in The China Study. Among others, T. Colin Campbell contends in that book that much of the harm attributed to the saturated fat in animal foods is, in fact, due to the protein instead.

10 months

I Know You Love Me — Now Let Me Die

In the old days, she would be propped up on a comfy pillow, in fresh cleaned sheets under the corner window where she would in days gone past watch her children play. Soup would boil on the stove just in case she felt like a sip or two.

10 months

The Medical Traveler Check List

More and more, patients are leaving home for care, whether within their own country (domestic medical travel) or outside of it (outbound medical travel). The reasons are many but include lower cost, access to avoid long waiting times, access to technologies not available in their area, higher quality, a better patient experience, a requirement by their self-insured employer and some element of secrecy. Some call it "medical tourism", but you shouldn't find surgeons and facilities on Expedia.

10 months

Sweet! The Secret Branding of Sugar Substitutes

Sugar. An essential nutrient? A cause of obesity and disease? A toxin? Call it what you will, sugar plays a huge role in our lives.  From 1, 6 fructose di-phosphate and its essential metabolic role in the Krebs cycle to the ubiquitous "high fructose corn sugar" that flavors -- for better or worse -- our world. Sugar is all around us. And where there's sugar, there are sugar substitutes.

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