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1 year

Democracy versus Delusion

Lately, I am hearing from friends and colleagues with prominent voices in health and medicine – in some cases voices much more prominent than my own- that members of their large following are advising them to stop talking about politics. Sometimes my friends tell me this directly; sometimes I see such commentary in their social media feed. I see it in my own, too, as well as my email inbox every day. 

1 year

When Surgeon Sandra Freiwald Became a Cancer Patient

Beating Cancer with Persistence, Courage and Motivation

1 year

How Adventurer Nicole Stott became the First Astronaut to Paint in Space

I have a love of flying and a belief in the mission of flying in space. I also thought it would just be an incredibly fun and awe inspiring experience and it was!  Nicole Stott, Astronaut and Artist.

1 year

How Virtual is Your Life?

In the post-digital era, we are deep in a symbiotic relationship with technology for communication, commerce, information, engagement and social interaction. As artificial intelligence, deep learning and machine-based learning continue to develop, so will our dependence on all things digital. When is the last time you took out a paper map to figure out driving directions versus using Google Maps or GPS? Do you welcome the time saved when shopping online on Amazon versus in bricks and mortar retail stores? How many times a week do you use Google search? Would you use a self-driving car?

1 year

Welcome to the Museum of Physician Happiness

Welcome to the Museum of Physician Happiness. I'm your guide, Dr Arlen Meyers. Before we get started, please take notice of the emergency exits and silence your cell phones. You, over there. I said please get off your cell phone!

1 year

The Case for Biomedical Data Traceability

There is data, data everywhere with layers of blockchain, data analytics and cybersecurity features. Consequently, tracking and tracing biological systems data and processes are an increasingly important part of medical device and biopharmaceutical discovery, design, development, commercialization and post launch surveillance as well as basic science research. The benefits include complying with regulatory mandates, improving the security of the data, intellectual property protection, synchronization of large data sets, accurately timing electronic transfers of data, improving artificial intelligence algorithms and more.

1 year

The End of Textbooks

The world is changing every day. The challenge is how to teach students to win the 4th industrial revolution. Here's how to robot-proof your kid.