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12 months

Why Do Some Foods Taste Good?

Can a leaf taste sunlight? I have never seen the question posed before, let alone answered, by someone with the botanical qualifications I lack. But I will hazard a guess just the same. I guess: no.

12 months

Ketogenic Leftovers, Reheated - Just for You!

I can’t seem to make it through a full conversation these days without some variant on the theme of: “so what about that keto diet, anyway?” Perhaps that’s an occupational hazard of being a “nutrition guy,” but I suspect you are tripping over those discussions, too. Such is the nature of diet fads.

12 months

Sugarcoating Diet Science: Seeking Simple Truth, Past the Frosting

As reported in JAMA Internal Medicine, and subsequently just about every media outlet under the sun, the Sugar Research Foundation (SRF) apparently used its money decades ago to deflect blame for heart disease from its product, and pin it all on saturated fat.

1 year

Prostate Cancer is a Notorious Challenge

A 2016 study of prostate cancer, suggested that when it is diagnosed, we men have options-including the option of waiting. In the words of the study authors themselves: “At a median of 10 years, prostate-cancer–specific mortality was low irrespective of the treatment assigned, with no significant difference among treatments.” The treatments studied included surgery right away, radiation right away, or monitoring- with treatment deferred until or unless the disease progressed.

1 year

Patient and Doctor Education: What is the Secret Sauce?

The holy grail of migrating sick care to health care is changing doctor and patient behavior. To paraphrase Drucker, all the rest is a cost.

1 year

When We Put Money Where People's Mouths Are, What Should They Eat?

The principal aim of the SNAP program, formerly “food stamps,” is important and simple: to ensure that poor people struggling with food insecurity have enough to eat. The program has always been of great public health importance, but in the aftermath of the great recession, more than one in seven American families found themselves on the SNAP rolls. Enrollment has recently declined, due likely to improving economic conditions. This shows the system works as intended, helping those who truly need it.

1 year

The Transhuman Era Has Begun

Don't believe me. Ask Gartner. A recent press release introducing the 2018 version of their well-known hype chart contained a powerful and unsettling headline.