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2 months

How to Overcome the Barriers to Physician-Medtech Collaboration

Anecdotal evidence suggests that innovative medical devices often arise from physicians’ inventive activity, but few studies have documented the extent of such physician-engaged innovation. This 2008 paper uses patent data and the American Medical Association Physician Masterfile to provide evidence that physicians contribute to medical device innovation, accounting for almost 20 percent of approximately 26,000 medical device patents filed in the United States during 1990–1996. Moreover, two measures indicate that physician patents had more influence on subsequent inventive activity than nonphysician patents. This finding supports the maintenance of an open environment for physician-industry collaboration in the medical device discovery process.

3 months

An End to Diet Doubts? Don’t Hold Your Breath

We hold this truth to be self-evident: that humans are adapted to breathe air, not water. But should we, really, hold that as self-evident truth? 

3 months

The Problems with Legacy Leaving

Now that there are more and more people who are older, lonely, socially isolated and depressed, we are seeing lots of articles encouraging people to mentor or do something that "leaves a legacy". Consequently, intergenerational websites, platforms and organizations are growing. The lost tribe of medicine is no exception.

3 months

12 Ways Healthcare Leaders Can Sharpen their Entrepreneurial Skills

There’s a common misconception that every startup founder is a natural-born leader.

3 months

Should You Eat Or Skip Breakfast?

Like so much else in a culture that perennially tests the lower limits of attention span, and like nearly everything we choose to ask about nutrition (e.g., is a calorie a calorie? Which is better, low-carb or low-fat? And so on…), the question we keep posing about breakfast is rather insipid and nearly useless. There are no valuable answers to vapid questions, and “should you eat breakfast?” is a pretty vapid question.

3 months

Can You Judge a Processed Food by Its Name?

No, you really cannot. Not any better than that proverbial book by its cover.

3 months

Humanity Faces Homelessness

This column is not about the quotidian variety of homelessness we’ve all encountered in every major city we’ve ever visited. It could be, and arguably even should be.