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How was the Entrepreneurship Conference, Doctor?

So now that biomedical and clinical innovation and entrepreneurship are on the lips of seemingly anyone who has anything to do with sick care, we are seeing lots of seminars, conferences and workshops on the subjects. The latest twist is to get clinicians, entrepreneurs, investors and techies in the same room in an effort to get them to play nice together.

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Do We Dare to Eat Lectins?

In The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, T.S. Eliot’s protagonist asks, chewing on mortality and the pangs of senescence, if he dares to eat a peach. We can all thank Dr. Steven Gundry for upping the ante, and asking if any of us dares to eat chickpeas or eggplant; apples or oats; beans or lentils; or for that matter, almost any fruit, many vegetables, and most beans, legumes, grains, and certain nuts. His answer is: no. His reason is: lectins.

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Anaplasmosis to Zika: Good luck out there!

The CDC issued a report this past week highlighting dramatic increases in the rates of infectious diseases spread by ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes- otherwise known as “vector-borne diseases.” That list includes some long-familiar scourges, such as Lyme disease; some rather new to our lexicon in this part of the world, like Zika; some seemingly resurrected from Medieval parchment, like plague; and some long considered someone else’s problem, like dengue.

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Recent Advances in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Neophilia

The conventional wisdom is that the sick care, higher education and government establishments are resistant to change. Not true, says theoretical physicist, Leonard Mlodinow, who believes human beings have the unique ability to think flexibly in ways that would unleash an inherent creativity — a skill he calls elastic thinking. In fact, says Mlodinow, human resist negative change but embrace positive change. He claims we are all neophiliacs by nature.

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Should You Eat Pasta?

I love pasta, and I cannot lie. For the most part, that’s why I eat it.

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The Doctor Wounded Wallet Syndrome: Signs and Symptoms

Various sick care financial indicators tell us that the industry is struggling to adjust. The vitals signs are somewhat unstable and concerning. In some instances, they are confusing. While aggregate average operating margins for hospitals are dropping, building cranes are littering the landscape in other regions. While care is moving from the hospital to non-hospital locations, operating and profit margin reports are conflicting depending on whether you are reading about a new VA hospital with millions of dollars of cost overruns, or for-profit systems that make Google blush.

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How to Win the Sick Care War for Talent

Suppose you threw a sick care talent party and no one came? The term War for Talent comes from a late-’90s warning from McKinsey & Co. that alerted business to a coming talent shortage and urged companies to prioritize talent strategies around recruiting, retaining, and developing key employees.