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1 year

Would a Single Payer System End the Need for Physician Entrepreneurship?

A new poll finds that a narrow majority of Americans support the idea of a single-payer health care system.

1 year

Prostate Screening Gets Personal

I can guess what some of you must be thinking: what do you mean, gets personal? Wasn’t prostate screening already quite personal? What, after all, could be more personal than an examining finger inserted into your…well, you know where the prostate is.

1 year

Why Everything We Know About Salt May Not Be Wrong

A New York Times column offered us this provocative headline: Why Everything We Know About Salt May Be Wrong. Presumably that means- it may be right, too. Hence, my counter-headline.

1 year

The Interoperability Challenge

Remember the days when your Apple computer couldn't talk to a PC or use the same software? In a few short years, the IT industry solved the problem. Wouldn't it be nice if the sick care IT community could do the same?

1 year

Obesity, and the Limits of Imagination

The issue (January 16, 2018) of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) was devoted to the topic of obesity. On the one hand, we may be thankful this intractable public health scourge is receiving the high level attention it deserves. On the other, we may lament the need for such attention in 2018, so many years and decades into a problem we created, and which we have known all along how to address and prevent if ever we mustered the will.

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3 Effective Depression Tips: How to Stay Motivated to Exercise

Exercise helps depression but can seem like an insurmountable hurdle when you aren't feeling well. Even people who aren't depressed struggle with getting themselves to work out. It is hard to start an exercise regimen but also hard to keep it up. Old habits can creep back in and slow down your progress. Learn how to overcome depression and stay motivated moving forward.

1 year

What is a Digital Therapeutic?

While definitions vary, digital health products usually refer to information and communications technologies used to send, receive or exchange medical information. Typical examples include telemedicine, mobile apps and predictive analytics.