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The Future of Incentivized Healthcare

In April of 2017, I had an interaction with a patient who was having trouble paying for his mental health medications. It was heartbreaking. And as a pharmacist, I experience this pain way too often. But for some reason, I really couldn’t stop thinking about this particular interaction. I felt like I needed to do something about it and that night I told myself that one day I’d be a part of something that would help people pay for their medications. Before bed, I registered a domain name for a website with not the slightest idea of what would come of it. But it finally came together.

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5 Ways to Stop a Panic Attack

Panic attacks can be terrifying and life-altering if they are not controlled! Often they are so scary that every detail of someone's first attack becomes etched permanently in their mind. Unfortunately, it is too common for people to make major career and life decisions based upon the desire to avoid another attack.

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly? Amazon, Apple & Healthcare

The Ugly? So we all know healthcare costs are a big burden. High cost, probably a fair amount of increase in demand and most likely within the same if not a declining budget. Being dominantly a system that fixes things as opposed to preventing things to happen, it is also one of the few (last ?) sectors where the processes are built around the professionals instead of around the ones who need the 'service.'

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Pharmacist vs Alexa

I have been dabbling with the idea of whether Alexa, or any other of the new voice devices, is going to replace the Pharmacist or not. And I have found that, in theory, they can. But will they be able to pull it off?

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It's Time For Physicians To Stand Tall!

Yes, it's all about patient empowerment and the democratization of health. But as we empower the patient, there's someone sitting on the sidelines. It's the physician.

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The Innovation of the Maker Movement

The Maker Movement is a growing cultural phenomenon led by innovative tech tinkers, creative designers, artists, science enthusiasts, creators, hobbyists, and inventors of all ages.

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iGen: The Super Connected Generation

The past century has been arbitrarily segmented into age groups based on the year of birth of a person. The illustration shown below outlines this division and lists the names given to each generation.

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