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4 Steps to Help Keep Superbugs Away From Your Family

We live in a time where antibiotics are the answer to everything. Ear infection? Antibiotic. Sore throat? Antibiotic. Coughed twice today?…You get the picture. You schedule with your family medical doctor, you are examined for about 2 minutes, get a script, stop by the pharmacy, and on your way to wellness right? What if this common, seemingly harmless medical advice that we’ve been receiving for years, is drastically promoting the increase of super bugs and making our population, especially our kids, sicker than ever?

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How to Reduce Your Blood Pressure Naturally

Nearly 2/3 of Americans are classified as either pre-hypertensive or hypertensive. And of those, only about 50% have their blood pressure under control.

1 year

Science, Evolution, and Our Intimate Parts

An opinion piece was recently published in JAMA Internal Medicine with the provocative title: “No wonder no one trusts us.” The writer, a doctor, imagines a dialogue with a patient - Mr. Jones - based on the shifting recommendations of the US Preventive Services Task Force about prostate cancer screening.

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A Decade of Diet Lies

Ancel Keys, arguably the most influential nutrition scientist of the past half century or so, died in 2004 at the age of 100. Keys invented the “K ration,” named for him, that provided our deployed military with portable and complete nutrition. 

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Get it Right, Not in Writing

We've all heard the advice that entrepreneurs should get EVERYTHING in writing.

1 year

When Disease is Bigger Than a Body

I had a crew from Good Morning America in my home a couple of months ago to film an interview about the documentary, What the Health. Along with everyone else, I wait to see what sound bites survive from roughly an hour of detailed commentary. 

1 year

Difficult Decisions

Missed abortion. Threatened abortion. Incomplete abortion. Spontaneous abortion. Septic abortion. Inevitable abortion. These are medical terms for the failure or potential failure of a pregnancy. These terms also more accurately describe the physical process that is happening, rather than the generic term “miscarriage.”