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1 year

Strokes of Unkind Fate

A crisis, it has been said, is a dangerous opportunity. One presumes that crises vary with regard to both. Some, no doubt, are more dangerous while providing less opportunity. 

1 year

Diet, as a Matter of Taste

Some years ago, I found myself at a corporate meeting of Kraft. I don’t recall exactly how or why I wound up on that guest list, but I recall that the meeting was rather surreal.

1 year

Flu Us Twice?

All indications are that this is shaping up to be a fairly nasty flu season. As fate would have it, that troubling news coincides with the 100-year anniversary of the mother of all nasty flu seasons, and perhaps the single greatest global calamity in the history of our species: the 1918 flu pandemic. 

1 year

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away?

That could be the tagline for the newly announced. AC Wellness medical practice, Apple’s latest step in(to?) health(care). “AC Wellness is an independent medical practice dedicated to delivering compassionate, effective healthcare to the Apple employee population,” states the very skinny website. The week prior this announcement Amazon, Berkshire and JP Morgan (not to my surprise) announced a similar entry into the market of employers with the ambition of serving their (1.1M) employees themselves with a health(care) and wellness initiative.

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DACA, CHIP, and Diet: Should Kids Be the Pawns of Our Politics?

The prospects for young people to be vital and safe, to develop and thrive, and the promise of their lives when they do, surely cannot be partisan concerns. They are human concerns. They are a crusade for every loving parent and grandparent; aunt and uncle; godparent and guardian; and maybe every adult who has ever known a kid, or been one. They are a shared crusade for us all.

1 year

Giving Bad News

Recently, someone close to me was diagnosed with cancer. Due to a series of missed phone calls on both sides, he had not heard the results of his biopsy prior to his follow up appointment. When his young doctor walked in, he started with “so you know you have cancer, right?” I just wanted to scream “what the hell!” when hearing this story. It is never easy to give someone bad news, but this obviously was not the way to do it.

1 year

I Love You...You are Fired

I’ve heard rumors that some medical schools and teaching hospitals are actually considering or already have put policies in place that prevent romance between attending physicians, residents and medical students. If that’s the case, it wouldn’t surprise me, considering the changing culture of the times. I’m sure this is no different than many other places of employment.