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Horse Sense for Weight Loss

There has been widespread media attention over the past week, some of it my own, to a study published in JAMA that compared low-fat and low-carbohydrate diets for weight loss and health improvement. The study also profiled the genes of the participants to determine if genetic patterns thought to predict success on a given diet assignment did just that. Additionally, the study assessed baseline insulin status, to see if- as some rather vociferously claim- losing weight and finding health are all about restricting carbs to lower insulin, rather than improving diet in general and reducing calories.

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Optogenetics – Innovation in Biotechnology and Neuroscience

How the light and genetics may treat brain disorders in the future? Imagine being able to treat neurodegenerative diseases and mental disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s, epilepsy, PTSD, depression, and anxiety with non-invasive light-based therapy. This is the quest of pioneering scientists and researchers in optogenetics, an emerging field in biotechnology that uses light to control cells in living tissues such as neurons, in order to study brain function.

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Goodbye Screen, Hello Voice, Goodbye Ads!

I’m really used to it by now: voice commands to my computer, to my watch, to my car while driving and answering messages and at home. We're all getting more and more used to voice in our smartphone, in our car and even on our watch and most of all in our homes. Talking to computers is booming (business) meanwhile shifting power in the corporate world as well.

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Amazon’s Pharmacy

My take on the future of the Community Pharmacy. Let's face it. Pharmacists are not happy. At all. And, they’re terrified. Everyday fearing their pharmacy will have their hours cut, again. Fear that their pharmacy might get acquired, or worse, announce its’ last day of business. Community Pharmacy is dealing with a lot of changes, like trying new revenue models and dealing with insurance reimbursement rates declining.

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Is Dividing by Zero a Path to the Divine?

Divide by Zero?! Some of you might remember grade school when the teacher told you that you could NEVER have a zero in the denominator of a fraction. You just can't. Later...maybe in high school or college you might have heard that the "equation blows up" if the bottom part of a fraction is zero.

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A Strong Provider Prescription For America's Opioid Crisis

For those who began abusing opioids in the 1960s, more than 80 percent started with heroin. Yet for those who began abusing opioids in the 2000's, 75 percent reported that their first opioid was a prescription drug. (1)

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How to Treat Pneumonia, and Science

A recent Cochrane meta-analysis reaches the succinct, clear, and rather startling conclusion that the treatment of severe pneumonia should include corticosteroids (generally known simply as “steroids”) to reduce mortality and morbidity alike. That unusually decisive and rather emphatic punch line is fortified by this fact: the practice is apt to save a life for every 18 patients or so treated (a parameter in clinical epidemiology known as the “number needed to treat”).