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4 Myths About Adult ADHD

ADHD myths can get in the way of people seeking treatment and contribute to the stigma against people with ADHD. According to the National Institutes of Health, approximately 4.4% of US adults have ADHD although less than 11% receive treatment. Myths and stigma play a role in the huge discrepancy between the number of people with ADHD and the number that receive treatment. ADHD can cause significant challenges in relationships, employment, and self-esteem for people who are not adequately treated.

1 year

Prescription Meds: The New Loaf of Bread?

Why a consumer’s purchasing behavior of prescription medication is now the same as buying a loaf of bread. It’s no surprise that people want to get the best deal. And with today’s advancement in tech and social media, it has never been easier to find the best prices for a desired product. But, what does this have to do with pharmacy? Well, everything.

1 year

Health Insurance: Implementing AI towards Better Claims Management

Artificial intelligence strengthens claims management by identifying and correcting errors while avoiding ineffective interventions. The conventional approach to claims management based on defined but non-measurable parameters has been made obsolete by intelligent algorithms that learn from historical cases and continuously evolve. Case managers can screen cases efficiently, evaluate with greater precision and make informed decisions.

1 year

A Call for Sleep

Walking through the dark construction zone of my now demolished kitchen, I made my way to the garage and out into the still, hot, humid July night. The air felt so thick, it was hard to breathe. At 1 am I was headed to the hospital for a patient that just arrived in active labor. On the drive in, I had the air conditioner blasting to cool off the car and to wake the slumber from my head. By the time I reached the bright lights of the hospital 20 minutes later, I was fully awake. It was time to work.

1 year

I Don’t Care if My Doctor Plays Piano

We had an interview dinner for a young doctor recently at the home of one of my partners. We have nearly a hundred doctors in our group and we, frankly, need quite a few more. Board-certified emergency physicians are at a premium and, for the most part, they can throw a dart at the map of the U.S. and practice wherever it lands. After dinner, my wife and I were driving home.

1 year

Nutrients Supplemental to What?

High-profile opinion and commentary about the value of nutrient supplementation, whether directed to the general public, or health professionals is in bountiful supply, and just keeps coming. To some extent, the cadence of such commentary may be likened to the swing of a pendulum: excesses of support (primarily from those marketing supplements) are followed by excesses of opposition (that toss out the baby with the bathwater), until the extremes of action and reaction settle toward a more temperate middle ground.

1 year

Physician Burnout: We All Lose

Despite loving my patients, I burned out. I chose my own quality of life over continuing to work with the chronically mentally ill population that I adored. This patient population is frequently shortchanged with their quality of care and I have joined the ranks of people failing them.