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2 months

Healthcare Entrepreneurs are Pioneers, Not Navigators

I co-authored a book called The Lifescience Innovation Roadmap. I now realize that the title is misleading. You see, the entrepreneurial journey is more like finding your way from one place to the envisioned next without clear roads, exits or navigational aids. Instead, it is mostly about exploring, experimenting and pioneering in uncharted waters without clear landmarks, signs or directions.

3 months

Clean Eating For Weight Loss: 2 Delicious Recipes

If you want quick and healthy meals to cut down on food costs and eat healthy, check out these two delicious recipes. They are perfect for those on the go and you will feel good about eating.

3 months

Food and Mood: Holistic Health Mindset

Awareness helps you break out of the diet and health dilemma. Awareness can set you free. Why? Because it creates positive shifts in our lives!

3 months

The Medical Student Guide to Physician Entrepreneurship

Some of you might have taken my advice to a premed, and, despite your misgivings, are now medical students.

3 months

Digital Health Ethics

Ethics is defined as a moral philosophy or code of morals practiced by a person or group of people. An example of ethics is a the code of conduct set by a business or profession.

3 months

The Safe, Judgement-free Space for True Healing and Transformation You’ve Been Looking for

One of the biggest loves of my life is providing a safe space for people who struggle with losing weight without dieting and who want a simpler way of living, to open up, to feel heard, to feel seen, to feel supported in their struggle, and to feel validated and loved.

3 months

The Power of Mindset Shifts for Wellness

The biggest obstacle that most have to overcome when wanting to make positive lifestyle changes, is overcoming our own mindset and thoughts. We tell ourselves stories to why we can’t do something. Like, “I’m too tired to work out because I work full-time,” or “I injured my knee in high school, so I can’t push myself…” Creating a healthier life, especially with committing to a regular fitness routine, starts with shifting your old way of thinking, to having more empowering conversations with yourself, that lead to small, but impactful, changes every day.