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5 months

How to Score Innovation Opportunities

Suppose you are running a pitch competition and need to create a scoring rubric? Or, maybe you are the head of a technology transfer office or innovation center and need to screen lots of ideas? Or maybe you teach innovation and entrepreneurship and need to clearly explain to your students how their submissions will be graded?

5 months

Probiotic Pros and Cons

I will avoid any semblance of suspense or drama here: I am a proponent of probiotics. I take one daily. I even helped formulate one, uniquely positioned for use at night.

5 months

Catastrophizing: How to stop the Anxiety Cycle

An anxious person can turn almost anything into a possible catastrophe and catastrophizing is a common occurrence in people that are feeling anxious. It is caused by anxiety but also serves to fuel anxious symptoms. Because of the cyclical worsening that happens with symptoms of anxiety it is important to interrupt this cycle. People often stop living in the moment and spend much of their time worrying about the future.

5 months

Sad State of American Hearts

My lament is literal, not figurative. As a humanist, I might well have cause to lament the figurative state of the American heart, too: the roiling churn of diverse “isms” that are the new normal, disfiguring and pockmarking the ideals and values a big-hearted land of inclusiveness has long beamed to the world. But my lament is literal. To paraphrase an NBC News headline that stated the case bluntly: almost half of all Americans have heart disease.

6 months

Diet: If We Can't Be Right, Is There a Best Way to Be Wrong?

Predictably, and yes, sadly, the publication of the EAT-Lancet Commission Report on “healthy diets from sustainable food systems” by a large, multidisciplinary, multinational group of world-leading experts ran immediately into discrediting criticisms, generally by far-less-qualified commentators. Some such whingeing, in places like “Beef Magazine,” are too dismissible to bother dissecting. But others- in places like, for instance, Psychology Today - might appear less so.

6 months

How Should We Teach Doctors Data Literacy?

Sick care has turned into a data industry that happens to take care of patients. There is data, data everywhere. More students are interested in writing the book. Unfortunately, few know how to read it.

6 months

Toward a One-Diet World

I am publicly pledged to favor epidemiology over ideology, and do just that. That doesn’t mean I have no ideology, it just means that where my professional efforts are concerned, I subordinate my personal preferences to the weight of evidence. I advocate for the dietary theme on the common ground of science, sense, and global expert consensus. My personal opinions and preferences are appended as footnotes.