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3 months

Density of Breasts, Clarity of Decisions

My dear friend and esteemed colleague, Dr. Nancy Cappello, passed away this past year, far too soon. The short version of that story is that Nancy died of the very late consequences of delayed diagnosis and treatment of her breast cancer. That delay resulted from the imaging challenges with dense breast tissue. The longer arc of that narrative is a tale of arduous challenge for Nancy and her loved ones, and a story of courage, inspiration, altruism, and beauty. A great tale, just not this one.

3 months

Healthy Chocolate Pudding

You will absolutely love this rich, creamy chocolate treat! The best part is you don't have to feel guilty eating it - it's made with superfoods and is so good for you. Here is the recipe:

3 months

Innovative Alternative to GDP Quantifies the Digital Economy

New Economic Metric “GDP-B” Includes Benefits of Zero-Cost Digital Goods and Services

3 months

New Harvard Anticancer Molecule is a Synthetic Biology Breakthrough

Over three decades ago, Japanese researchers discovered a naturally occurring chemical in certain types of sea sponges with powerful anticancer properties called halichondrin. Sea sponges are invertebrate animals that lack true tissues and organs; they rely on water flowing through the pores of their spongy bodies to provide nutrients and eliminate waste for survival. In nature, halichondrin occurs in extremely small quantities—blocking the ability for scientists to study, test and develop it into a drug to fight cancer—until now. In a remarkable synthetic biology achievement, Harvard University chemists announced today the creation of synthetic halichondrin, a new anticancer drug candidate called E7130.

3 months

The Problem with List and Leave

The real estate industry has a term for a certain type of realtor behavior-list and leave. Maybe you have experienced it the last time you hired a realtor to sell your property. What happens is after signing a listing agreement, the realtor puts a big, attractive sign in your front lawn and lists your property on the multilist service. Then, they drop out of sight. Ghosted. Dark side of the moon. After waiting for potential buyers to do most of the work on the internet, the next time you see your realtor is at the closing table where your friendly agent collect their commission check.

3 months

The Kilogram Gets a Quantum Makeover

May 20th is World Metrology Day. This year, history will be made—and it will be measurable. Metrology is the scientific study of measurement—not to be confused with meteorology, the science of weather. Metrology is foundational to both science and industry—impacting economics, manufacturing and global trade. This year the units of measurement for the ampere, mole, kelvin and kilogram will be completely redefined.

3 months

St. Jude Cloud Launches Real-time Whole-Genome Sequencing Database to Fight Pediatric Cancer

Introduced this week at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting 2019, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital shared the availability of real-time clinical whole-genome, exome and transcriptome data over St. Jude Cloud to accelerate precision medicine research for pediatric cancer. Founded in 1962, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is the only National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center for children only.