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3 months

Midlife and Menopause Do Not Have To Suck

With so many companies and coach's jumping on the menopause and anti-aging wagon, it can be easy to make decisions out of fear and forget that you have the ultimate control of how you feel! ⁣

4 months

Are You Ready for a New Perspective after Decades of Dieting?⁣

Are you ready for a new focus and a new perspective after decades of dieting and neglect?⁣

4 months

The Holistic Health Connection: Positive Thought and Mindset

Many benefits associated with mindfulness can help improve health. Mindfulness is the practice of deliberately sharpening awareness of your thoughts and feelings in the present moment and enduring them without harsh judgment. Experts define mindfulness as a style of processing experiences by sustaining a consistent awareness of one’s consciousness. Mindfulness is a state of mind rather than a trait.

4 months

Adventure Awaits: How to Overcome Fear of Flying Phobia

Recently, I took an international trip with my family that required a 16-hour plane ride. Stuck in an uncomfortable middle seat for this unpleasantly long flight I had lots of time to think and reflect in order to make the most of this extended period of nothingness. One of the topics I thought about is how life would change if I had a fear of flying phobia and the trips and family adventures I would miss out on. Fear of flying is common and many of my patients talk to me about this very thing. You can learn how to overcome fear of flying phobia. There are many adventures that await you (or business trips). Don’t let the anxiety and fear that accompany this hold you back- get treatment and put the anxiety behind you.

4 months

The Invention of Blood Pressure

If you could turn back time (Eye of Agamotto, perhaps), and invest in the invention of the blood pressure cuff, at the very start- would you?

4 months

Juice or Smoothie: What's the Difference?

You've heard of juicing and smoothies. Now you begin to wonder, which is better for me? If you are doing either, you are on the right track to adding more nutrients to your diet. Way to go!

4 months

The Forgotten Quintuple Aim

By now you have probably heard about the various aims of sick care innovation and entrepreneurship. We started with the triple aim. Improving the U.S. health care system requires simultaneous pursuit of three aims: improving the experience of care, improving the health of populations, and reducing per capita costs of health care.