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4 months

Your Body Works? Why That’s Practically Miraculous

Your body works, at least reasonably- which means extraordinarily- well. I know, simply because you are reading this. To do so, you likely have eyes working normally (there may be a braille access, I suppose, and hope); you certainly have a high-powered brain working; you probably have a musculoskeletal system involved, notably hands; and you certainly have working heart, circulatory system, nervous system, liver, and more- or you wouldn’t be here at all.

4 months

We Should Rethink How We Recruit Medical Students

US medical schools face 5 big issues. One of them is recruiting the right talent resulting in a diverse talent pipeline with the knowledge, skills, abilities and competencies they will need to win the 4th industrial revolution. The present system of recruiting and interviewing applicants is rife with bias, expensive and time consuming and does not correlate with the eventual performance of a doctor. In addition, the faculty who do the interviewing lack formal training in how to conduct the interview and how to score the results using a rubric with clearly identified metrics.

4 months

Meat and Cancer: Hammering at the Memo

You have doubtless heard that the International Agency on Cancer Research, a subsidiary of the World Health Organization, has concluded that processed meats are carcinogenic, and red meat in general is probably so.

4 months

Science and Medicine, Fools and Fanatics: The Fluidity of Woo

The American College of Preventive Medicine completed a project, with funding from the Health Resources and Services Administration, to advance the inclusion of so-called Integrative Medicine in Preventive Medicine residency programs. As a Preventive Medicine specialist, a former residency director, and both a practitioner of, and advocate for, responsibly plied Integrative Medicine, I was a logical choice for the leadership role ACPM proposed, and I accepted.

4 months

What’s Delicious? Nipping Misperceptions in the Bud

I don’t know if this qualifies me for any kind of a medal- you can decide- but there are two double-entendres in my title, making it, arguably, a quadruple entendre. I humbly suggest that is roughly the literary equivalent of a flying salchow, so I am hoping for some love, at least, from any Russian judges among you.

4 months

Junk Food: from Confusion, to Clear and Simple Truth

I was somewhat startled, and quite concerned, to learn directly from the source while sipping coffee together, that my wife was confused by a study on junk food, generating headlines such as: “Junk Food Not to Blame for America’s Obesity Epidemic.” I was startled because my wife, an expert cook and mother of 5, has become very knowledgeable about nutrition over the years in her own right; because she is highly intelligent; and because she is embarrassingly well educated, with a PhD in neuroscience from Princeton. In other words, if she’s confused, everybody’s confused. That’s why I was concerned.

4 months

Why Notre Dame Burned, and What it Has to Do with Your Health

Notre Dame Cathedral ignited, so far as we know, because accidents happen at construction (and reconstruction) sites. But it burned so ferociously because of a cluttered attic of flammable materials referred to as “the forest.”