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5 months

SickWork and Office Space

WeWork now claims the accomplishment of being the number one occupier of office space in Manhattan based on square footage. The Wall Street Journal first reported this news noting the flexible co-working space provider leases 5.3 million square feet of office space. WeWork says with its lease of 258,344 square feet at 21 Penn Plaza  it has topped the 5.2 million square feet of office space that JPMorgan Chase owns or rents. WeWork became the largest private occupier of office space in London and Washington, DC, earlier this year.

5 months

Is there a US Doctor Brain Drain?

We read and hear a lot about why doctors are so grumpy. But, are doctors really leaving clinical practice at higher rates compared to the past? Are they just talking, or are they really telling people to take this white coat and shove it? And, what happens when the increasing numbers of employed white coats get the pink slips?

5 months

Modern Medicine and Maladies of Evidence

I won’t name any names, but I just read that a former science editor at a major, global publication has concluded that science advocacy is boring, and that she would now prefer to “slaughter the sacred cows” of conviction. Leaving aside the somewhat brutal image, and the potential innocence and genuine sacredness of the cows in question, we may simply note that acquiring conviction born of science generally takes years, even decades. Disparaging it just takes a news cycle, innuendo, and a bit of click-bait.

5 months

The Gluten Dilemma

I hear more and more stories of family and friends discovering they are gluten intolerant. You will be surprised how many people suffer from gluten sensitivity or celiac disease, an inherited autoimmune disorder that damages the small intestine.

5 months

Of Course Cancer Isn’t Random

Despite the study in one of the world’s most prestigious scientific journals, and the high-profile media coverage of it: no, cancer is absolutely NOT mostly random and a product of “bad luck.” It wasn’t true when these same investigators published very similar work generating very similar media hype and nonsense three years ago, and it isn’t true now. 

5 months

Pillars to Eating Well as a Pharmacist & Surviving Lunch hour at a Pharmacy

As students, every event is centered around free food…from study groups, organizational meetings, or whatever speaker provided the next free meal. If your school was anything like mine, most meetings consisted of pizza, and lots of it. Now that you are no longer a student, you’re “making that pharmacy money” you can afford to make healthier choices and choose to put better food in your body.

5 months

Fear: Unkempt and irrational, Unpredictable and Emotional

Fear can show up at inappropriate times uninvited and unexpected, like a knock on the door in the middle of the night. We have all felt it. Sometimes, it can stop us from an adventure or getting into trouble. Sometimes, it can prevent us from living up to our potential or considering a new path. Sometimes, it can stop us from taking care of our health.

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