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6 months

“Best” Exercise in Doubt; Couch Shortage Feared

A nation of potatoes overran (well, shuffled, really) their couches today, and a serious shortage in couch space is feared. The movement- or rather, lack thereof- was characterized by a prevailing “knew it along” expression, and a fervent commitment to be the first to find the remote.

6 months

Of Death, Dust, and Fire

This column is ordinarily about some variant on the theme of my profession, Preventive Medicine. The mission of every preventionist is to do all we can to help the healthy stay entirely well; to help those with risk factors control them and avoid disease; to help those with disease avoid progression, disability, and death. There is almost always something left to prevent.

6 months

What You Need to Know About the New Influenza Treatment, Xofluza

It’s been almost 20 years to the month since Tamiflu (received FDA approval in Oct 1999) has been approved, but it has officially met its match. We now have a new contender, Xofluza. As you’ll likely get many questions about it, I just wanted to give you some quick basics on what you need to know.

6 months

Health: One Measure to Rule Them All

This week, I am coining a new term: vigevity. Self-evidently, perhaps, this is the combination of vitality and longevity. I suppose “longality” might also serve, but I like vigevity better to represent the combination of years in life, plus life in years. We’ll see whether or not the term catches on. Either way, though, it is the one health measure to rule them all. It is what truly matters; the prize.

7 months

Cleaning The House of Medicine

A report in JAMA Internal Medicine highlights prevailing medical practices that should be “reconsidered” in 2018 based on the weight of evidence. The paper, appropriately, is written in the matter-of-fact style customary for the peer-reviewed literature. To some extent, that semblance of analytical calm belies the storm swirling between the lines of the report, and the mess it has long been making in the House of Medicine.

7 months

Walnuts, Doughnuts, and Wingnuts

Amazingly, Thanksgiving Day has already come and gone. As I write this, then, the somewhat euphemistic “holiday season” has begun. In a bizarre testament to the priorities of our culture, many are spending Black Friday - rather than in cozy, familial repose - in full-contact, retail roller derby. We have convinced ourselves that the right digestif for our signature annual indulgence is combat with other shoppers to purchase things friends and relatives likely don’t need and often don’t want, obligating them to reciprocate in kind if only out of remorse. The Got Junk guys are presumably looking on with anticipatory glee, knowing their payday reliably follows.