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4 months

How to Nail Your Podcast Interview

Did you listen to a podcast this month? If so, you are certainly not alone. A recent HBR blog notes that more and more professionals are tuning into podcasts as an information-packed complement to their daily commute, workout, or chores. Indeed, there are now an estimated 660,000 podcasts and 26% of Americans listen to at least one per month. As a result, podcasts have become a powerful marketing tool and a targeted way to spread your message to audiences ranging from talent leaders to bookkeepers to attorneys.

4 months

What Materials Are Hazardous to Our Health?

The term hazardous waste is quite broad and deals with materials of all shapes and sizes. Biological waste, for example, such as blood or bodily fluids is one type of waste, albeit organic. Other substances and chemicals may also be considered just as hazardous, from something more simple like a cleaning solution or bug spray to more severe nuclear and radiation waste.

4 months

What is Your Diet ID?

Food is medicine- the best there is. But “medicine” is generally used to treat or manage something, and famously, we tend only to manage effectively what we measure. Thus, mean logic dictates the corollary: we should measure what matters. Yet, we almost never measure the one health variable that matters most. More on that shortly.

4 months

Food is Medicine

Food is medicine, the best there is- assuming we get it right. The idea is far from new; Hippocrates famously espoused it. The idea is not new in the realm of research, either, including the variety of research generally most revered (at times for better, at times for worse): the randomized controlled trial. We have randomized trials to show that high blood pressure, pre-diabetes, dyslipidemia, and coronary artery disease – just to name a few- can be treated with diet (and, at times, other lifestyle interventions) as effectively as with state-of-the-art pharmacotherapy.

4 months

Which Sicktech Event Should You Attend?

Sicktech is the interface of biomedical and clinical sick care entrepreneurs (sickcare professionals or otherwise) with investors and other stakeholders.

4 months

Here's How Astronauts Practice in Zero Gravity on Earth

Astronauts go through months and years of training before they ever make it to outer space. This training teaches them how to survive in the harsh and sometimes alien environments that they encounter in orbit. All of this training takes place here on Earth — including preparation for living and working in zero gravity. How can astronauts learn how to live in zero-g while still under our planet's gravitational pull?

5 months

Top 10 Sickcare Entrepreneurship Challenges

Sickcare entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity with scare resources under conditions of uncertainty with the goal of creating stakeholder defined value through the deployment of biomedical and clinical innovation using a VAST business model.