Shubham Chakraborty Tech Guru

Shubham in an entrepreneur in the Edu-Tech domain and holds a Masters Degree in Aerospace Engineering. He is also passionate about about blockchain, cryptocurrencies and digital marketing."He is a featured Quora contributor, currently part of the "Operations and Services" team of UpGrad, an education technology startup. Shubham aims to improve the Indian educational system by launching a non for profit organisation named the "The Education Refinery”. 


Books that Influenced Elon Musk

Elon Musk is considered to be one the greatest entrepreneurs of this generation. He manages some of the fanciest companies in the world like SpaceX, Tesla Motors and Open AI. But he didn't become a superstar overnight. It took him years of dedication, struggle and hard work to achieve his dreams. Here are 12 books that inspired him to succeed in his career. 


The Importance of Blockchain in the Development of Cryptocurrencies

At the beginning of 2018, Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin became a household name Along with cryptocurrencies, the term "blockchain" also became very popular, mainly due to the fact that it is the underlying technology behind cryptocurrencies. But in spite of all the hype, many enthusiasts may not realize the fact that the though blockchain technology is the platform over which cryptocurrencies are developed, the use of blockchain technology for this purpose is not mandatory.


Blockchain - The Internet of Value

Around a million years ago, the early men discovered something so fascinating that it changed the course of human history forever. It was the discovery of fire. Humans were aware of the existence of fire for a long time, but finding a way to control it, is what made the difference. The discovery of fire led to the discovery of cooking. For the first time in history, humans were able to roast meat, which made it soft and easily chewable, this in turn resulted is shrinking of our jaw bones, which gave more space for the brain to grow and hence made us more intelligent! Although many of us are vegetarians nowadays, but if our distant ancestors had not eaten roasted meat, we might still be living on grasslands today!


Diamond or Water - What do you want to be?

Diamond and water are two of the most valuable substances on our planet. But why do we give so much value to these substances? Let us find out.