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4 days

Metaphysics: Why it Matters?

You’ve probably heard about the word “vibration”, or “vibe” in short, but you are unsure what it means and why it matters to you…Don’t worry, you are not the only one. 

6 days

How Do You Measure Achievement ?

I was at my old college for lunch on Saturday and met up with a few alumni, some older, some younger than me. At lunch the principal read out a letter from an old student, and it reminded me of two letters I received, as an undergraduate, from my tutor.

7 days

The Death of the Private Conversation

There is no such thing as a private conversation anymore. Streaming video live from your smart phone is now so easy, you should expect to be on camera all the time.

7 days

Transforming Team Dynamics With Leadership

You brought together the best people in your team. You had high hopes from each one of them. But unfortunately, they are not making the right decisions required to keep their section working well. I know you’ll be totally disappointed.

13 days

The Evolution is Upon Us

As many of you know, I recently accepted a role as an Executive Vice President after over 27 years as a top performing, C-suite Executive Assistant. The kudos have been effusive and flowing like water. But, I'll have to admit, they've opened my eyes to something that is pervasive in this industry. Lack of confidence and vision beyond the role.

14 days

Waiting for the Bubbles to Burst

I am generally an optimistic person with a positive outlook. Yes, I spot the problems with ideas, but generally, that is in order to find better solutions. What is different now is a background hum in my mind alluding to the bursting of one or more bubbles.