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3 days

8 Ways To Recruit Residents Using Smart Apartment Technology

The competition for your resident’s attention and rent dollars remains extremely competitive. Properties that move fast to evolve quickly alongside with advancements in smart home technology are thriving.

4 days

Here's How You Can Be on the Favorite List of Your Customers

Have you ever lost your customer to a competitor because of some xyz reason? And you are still confused about it. When dealing with customers, it is not always about how incredible your services are but more than what matter matters is how skillfully you manage your customers. How is your business doing in terms of customer satisfaction? Let me tell you about ours.

7 days

Whose Fault is This?

One of the underlying questions that I keep getting in an implicit and non-direct manner is the question of how we got to where we are now with things in a non-optimal way. In a nutshell, nobody.

9 days

Sadly, We Remember the Bad Stuff Teachers Said and Did When We Were Young

It is really remarkable. As a former college president, I was repeatedly reminded that we can do 99 things right for and with a student but what they focus on and remember and talk about while in school and as alums is often that one bad encounter, that one bad professor, that one bad incident. And, it is not easy to cut through that bad memory to revive the good memories. It is as if the bad incident/memory literally takes over our brain space and crowds out good memories.

10 days

The Alarming Impact of Poor HR Policies on Companies and Employees

As a leader, manager or supervisor of an organisation, you are responsible to create an environment at the workplace that enables people to thrive. What people underestimate is that Human Resource (HR) policy plays a vital role in the success of any business! The requirements on HR departments to formulate policies that can enable businesses to operate smoothly have never been higher.

11 days

Understanding Technology As An Amenity

Technology as an amenity is a term that continues to receive more attention in the multifamily housing industry. According to HousingWire there is a 95 percent occupancy rate in apartments in the US. This means that property owners and management companies are facing some fierce competition for securing and retaining residents. For decades this meant having great amenities on your properties like fitness rooms, covered parking, swimming pools, game rooms, and more.