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7 Steps To Get A Raise Without Asking For One

Earn nicely, spend wisely, and live happily — well, that’s how most people expect to live their life. But as it turns out, things aren’t always easy for everyone. Especially when you’re up for a promotion or a raise. According to a recent survey conducted by Payscale — more than 50% of the workers say that they never asked for a raise, more than 30% workers say that they got a raise without asking for it, and more than 25% workers say that they feel too uncomfortable to ask their employers for a raise.

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The Secret of Judging

Oftentimes when we say that we are judging someone, we think that we are doing something wrong. 

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The transition through the fourth industrial revolution is leading to significant upheaval in the lives of millions of people already and will effect tens of millions more over the next few years. Based on the needs of some of the largest businesses in the world, although tens of millions of people will find themselves lacking the skillset necessary to prosper in the coming years (75,000,000), there will be 130,000,000+ new openings for people with the skill sets needed to work effectively in the early fourth industrial age.

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7 Steps to Create a Successful Life

Life becomes more meaningful when each day is spent chasing a purpose. Something that makes you jump out of your bed with joy and excitement. If that’s how you kickstart your morning, you are already successful in my eyes.

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6 Leadership Lessons to Become a Better Manager

For all those who are reading my article for the first time, here’s my quick introduction - My name is Vartika Kashyap. I am a marketing manager at ProofHub for more than 6 years. I have been featured on LinkedIn Top Voices (India) from last three years in a row.

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