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16 days

Pegged From The Start?

I have blogged a number of times about psychometric testing and more recently the Judgement Index (JI) (from the world of Axiology or values), but I had forgotten how far back my experience started.

18 days

On Giving & Receiving

In the giving, we find our self.

19 days

Keep Your Team Motivated With These 4 Pro Tips

At times, your team needs more than deadlines, perks, and increments. Do you know what it is? Your team members crave for a dose of motivation so that they can continue working in high spirits. For instance, most managers don’t even realise that they might be killing their team’s motivation by using a poor collaboration software.

21 days


(Disclaimer: this article was sitting in my drafts folder for months. Too good to leave unpublished. Enjoy!)

28 days

Eleven Ways to Ensure Delegates Don't Leave Your Event Early

So, your event is underway, but with each passing hour your audience shrinks. Some delegates leave during the coffee or lunch breaks, others walk out during the plenary sessions or breakouts.

29 days

Here is Why You Should Never Stop Trying

This is something that I tell my team members at ProofHub, “You should always be open to trying new things.” As Jack Ma quotes, “Once in your life, try something. Work hard at something. Try to change. Nothing bad can happen. '' And so I believe.

1 month

If Your Goal Is To Retain Employees, Start Training Them

Training isn’t just important in any organisation, it is vital.