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3 days

Doing this One Thing Will Keep You Inspired and Motivated at Work

Human beings are creatures of habit. Habits shape our life, from bad to good and from good to better until we reach the best. However, keeping company with bad habits could also mean the cycle gets reversed and you start to move in the opposite direction.

6 days

Why You Need to Push Your Employees to Think Like Entrepreneurs

The one thing that a business owner wants from its staff is to come up with innovative ideas and execute them in a way that takes the business a notch higher.

7 days

Science of Learning: Finding Consensus

The final one of Halpern’s skills that needs to be learned in fostering higher order thinking skills is consensus seeking. Thinking often brings about differing opinions, interpretations, and evidence from others. The process of drawing conclusions must include the ability on the part of the participants to reach a consensus in order to satisfactorily finish off a project.

8 days

Do We Still Need Dedicated Learning Experiences Before Entering Work?

As I have written articles about the need for higher order thinking skills (cognitive enablers), I have stressed the need for a way to formally learn these skills. There is no argument that these higher order cognitive enablers are some of the skills that will remain, for the foreseeable future, exclusively human and highly valued in the world we now find ourselves in. The response to my writing has largely been that either there is no need for something different than what we already have to teach these skills or that these higher order cognitive enablers will just have to be learned in conjunction with work. I have trouble with agreeing with either view.

8 days

The True Secrets to Staying Hungry for Success

There is a world of difference in being successful and staying hungry for success. There are plenty of examples of people who really could not keep up their drive for success when it matters. This is the reason that they ended up from being success stories to forgotten faces.

9 days

How to Practice Patience to be Successful

We can learn invaluable life lessons from a tree. His life begins from something as small as a seed. After a few months, it sprouts to a little sapling. This little sapling then grows into a small plant which over the course of a few months stands tall as a long tree.