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1 day

The Half-Life of Knowledge and Content

The fixation of higher education (HE) on delivering content in the world of information abundance is baffling.

2 days

The Secret to a Happy Life

I've been flying free for the past couple of months. No job. Only teaching my MEGA Assistant University classes, taking the odd project here and there, and turning down a number of good offers (on paper) just to decompress a bit from my last role and really focus on the direction I want to sprint in next. It's equal parts flattering and weird to hear people call me "the next big thing" and "the fresh new voice on the scene" advocating for Executive and Personal Assistants. It's no secret. I LOVE being an Executive Assistant and I love helping others realize their potential. I hate BS, so I tell it like it is. I never imagined that telling the truth would thrust me into such a spotlight. But, mmm kay. I'm down if you are!

8 days

The Dance And The Dancer

How can you separate the dancer from the dance?

9 days

Journey On Until You Meet Yourself

Journey on until you meet yourself

10 days

Your Mind is a Powerful Thing. When You Fill it with Positive Thoughts, Your Life will start to Change

It’s easy to throw up your hands and say “I can’t” when a situation goes out of your hand. With a negative mindset, you’re likely to do the same. But what would happen if you start to see things with a positive attitude and put in some extra work before you surrender control? Things would be different, right? In fact, things would be a lot better and there are even chances that you might seek out “win” in every situation. Psychologically or scientifically, there have been plenty of pieces of evidence that a positive mindset can turn our lives around.

12 days

How is my Child's Mental Health? And Why I must know it before it's too late!

We all need someone whom we can share our feelings with- frustrations of work, issues in the relationship, family-problems, financial struggle, and so on.

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