6 Ways A Company Can Welcome New Employees

6 Ways A Company Can Welcome New Employees

Brenden Moran 22/05/2018 9
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I happen to be starting a new job pretty soon and it’s bringing on the normal jitters and questions that happen when things change up. I’ve been thinking about how I want my new company to welcome me into its fold and I came up with an ideal scenario that I think companies should try to emulate.

  1. Go beyond orientation: How many companies drop you off at your office space and then expect you to figure it out? Make sure the socialization of new employees goes beyond day 1 and year 1.
  2. Give them a mentor: This is mostly for the informal kind of questions that you have about where things are, how things are done, what to do, what not do, etc. Plus, it’s an in on making a new friend and getting introduced to their social group.
  3. Create lots of lists: Need to know who to talk to about this thing or that thing? Here’s a list of who you need to contact for what. Create a space where people can easily connect with others around them and not be in an uncertainty bubble.
  4. Make sure rules and structures are stressed: How many of us have started jobs only to find out months down the road that we’re doing something entirely wrong? Get everyone on the same page at the beginning so they don’t get in trouble later on.
  5. Get them social right away: Demonstrate that you’re not all professional-encourage them to join social events, groups, teams, or what have you.
  6. Provide detailed structure for their position: We’ve all been through or seen others endure a terrible introduction to how our position functions, what the specific responsibilities are, and expectations that are not communicated. Don’t let this happen.

The point is, you don’t have to do something shocking in order to wow your new employees. All they want to know is that you care, that they will be set up for success right off the bat, they have access to information they need to know, and that they can visualize this new workspace as being a place they belong.

Going that extra mile will demonstrate from day 1 how much you care about their success, and in return, the new employees will start contributing earlier and they’ll want to be a part of the kind of team that makes a big deal out of the things that matter.

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  • Joshua Williams

    You can also add a welcome package on this list. It is a simple gesture that can go a long way.

  • Brenden Moran

    In reply to: Joshua Williams

    Excellent suggestion!

  • Gemma Elizabeth

    Not everyone is confident enough to start introducing themselves and socializing from day one. It’s a good idea for the new hire’s manager to send an introductory note to the team on an employee’s first day.

  • Brenden Moran

    In reply to: Gemma Elizabeth

    Love this idea!

  • Thobias Riley

    Sending a new employee announcement email to introduce your new hire could also help out.

  • Brenden Moran

    In reply to: Thobias Riley

    Great idea!

  • Joe Danielle

    Assigning a mentor is a brillant idea. Pairing new employees with a mentor can make them more comfortable.

  • Niki Taylor

    Congrats for the new job, also good article.

  • Brenden Moran

    In reply to: Niki Taylor

    Thank you!

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