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4 days

6 Ways A Company Can Welcome New Employees

I happen to be starting a new job pretty soon and it’s bringing on the normal jitters and questions that happen when things change up. I’ve been thinking about how I want my new company to welcome me into its fold and I came up with an ideal scenario that I think companies should try to emulate.

6 days

How To Rebuild Your Trust In The Media

It is my belief that there has never been more distrust by the American public in traditional media outlets than there is today. The political right is angry because they believe that the media is made up of liberals who are putting false spins on stories and people on the left are mad because almost every major news outlet gave Trump far too much free media and got the predictions of the 2016 Presidential race wrong.

7 days

How to Get Through a Politically Charged Conversation

I recently had a conversation with someone about the NRA, gun rights, and mass shootings. Politically infused conversations like these can be difficult and with a degree in Communication I felt more equipped than many in trying to keep the conversation moderated and calm.

9 days

Will Not knowing What You Don’t Know Hurt You?

John and Jane are sort of friends of ours. Their names have been changed to protect the innocent – literally innocent – but anyone who knows us will know who they are. John called me one day and asked if I could come over to his place to help him with something. I barely knew him. He lived in the trailer park, had out of control children, and has nothing going for him.

9 days

Beware the Lure of Fame

One thing I’m quickly learning as my online popularity increases is that the rules change correspondingly. Where once you could pop off, make typos, and be 100% YOU, now the scrutiny and mass expectation converge to create a social construct not of your choosing, but one that’s as familiar and easy to swallow as an M&M for those following you and liking your articles and videos.

10 days

Knowing What You Know

Knowing what you know has been one of the ways that metacognition has been described. Having done some research in the area, I believe that knowing what you know is the foundation of metacognition. If you don’t know what you know, then how do you know what you don’t know.