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8 days

Science of Learning: Critical Thinking and Content

Higher order thinking skills are not learned in isolation from content. Higher order thinking skills are fostered by the method of teaching, not by explicit instruction.

9 days

How to Deal With Difficult Managers

I do not get surprised anymore when someone shares something about their fellow difficult managers. One of my friends who prefers to stay anonymous, so, let’s just call her Priya, was really fed up with hers.

10 days

Good Enough Won't Take You Far Away

I fear that we are in a quality control crisis. Evidenced by the very fast but poor first efforts I see in the wild. One of the mantras being pushed upon new entrepreneurs is, "Just put something out. You can perfect it as you go." While I agree that you shouldn't ruminate on a game-changing idea for too long and that an adoring public will forgive the slight gaffs inherent in rushing a product to market if the product fulfills a specific need in their lives, we are now establishing "good enough" as a bar by which new businesses, products, even employees are judged and showing up in the world.

18 days

Successful People Are Not Aliens, They Just Do Things Differently

Everyone wants to be successful, but not everyone is willing to make the sacrifice that they made to reach where they are now. Come to think of it, there are some reasons why those people are successful and others are not. There are some habits that they have inculcated in their life or have inherited it that make them so successful as leaders.

19 days

Evidence in Learning and Education

How people learn is a central aspect of education. Since learning figures so prominently in the entire field of education, it would make sense to review what we know about learning in light of what science tells us about the process. From behavioural studies to neuroimaging, we have learned a great deal about the process.

22 days

6 Hacks to Do When You're Having a Really Bad Day at Work

Anyone can have a bad day. Sometimes even the smallest of things can trigger frustration and lead to a bad day. Something like waking up on the wrong side of the bed, or getting stuck in traffic on your way to home.