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6 days

Like Your Job & Love Your Life

Let's be honest. Most of us do NOT love our jobs. I mean how can you truly love something that drags you away from your comfy bed every morning, into clothes you don't even like that much but fit the accepted attire, makes you endure traffic and inexplicably long Starbucks drive-thru lines, forces you to sit/stand in one place at a desk for hours, endure meeting after meeting that only 15% of the attendees need to attend, get paid a salary that has yet to be commensurate with your contribution, and forces you to give up most of your true personality and adopt an additional one in order to be taken seriously by a bunch of people who graduated from Ivy League schools with slightly above average grades.'re making them rich. Wave to them from your not-paid-off-yet Hyundai. Still loveyour job?

6 days

The Inspirational Story of J.K Rowling

I’m sure that most of you have heard of the Harry Potter series unless you’ve been living under a rock. However, I’m pretty sure that most of you might not have heard of J.K Rowling.

8 days

Tottenham “Skipper” Perryman’s visit to Los Angeles Reminds Us to Revere our Sporting Legends

In today’s social media driven, bite-sized content world of sports entertainment, a lot of legendary stories and people slip between the cracks or are just plain overlooked. For example, could you name the youngest captain or the record appearance holder or the player with the most medals for your favorite team? Possibly not.

11 days

Science of Learning: Flexibility and Lecturing

I have written several articles about thinking and the evidence showing a lack of thinking in our students when they graduate. I have also written a few articles about lecturing, one of the most dearly held belief systems in higher education. I will use the example of our beliefs in lecturing to talk about developing the higher order thinking skill of flexibility or open-mindedness.

12 days

Continuous Learning and Social Herding

We are in a time when continuous learning is becoming the accepted norm in life. We no longer get some schooling, find a job, and then work there until retirement. There are too many changes in the workplace and society for us to simply park after learning. We must constantly learn in order to maintain value in our occupation and in society in general.

13 days

Leave But Gracefully

At some point it's time pack your knives and go. It's often after one last straw has broken the camel's back. Or you've found another job that pays you more with a new boss who's more in line with your personal/professional ethos. Or you're trying not to catch an arson charge by staying even a second longer at some place you absolutely cannot stand. We've all been there in some form or another.

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