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14 days

Learning Transference Problem

The transfer of knowledge or learning from one situation or environment to another is one of the central long-term goals of any educational endeavor. As Bjork said in his 1994 work on training, “… long-term goal of training is to produce a mental representation of the knowledge or skill in question that allows for flexible access to that knowledge or skill. We would like the learner to be able to generalize appropriately, that is, to be able to draw on what was learned during training in order to perform adequately in real-world conditions that differ from the conditions of training.”

15 days

What Is Your Going Live Strategy For 2018?

In terms of advances in marketing 2018 will be known for the live stream. Any person or brand can Go Live within seconds and let’s just take a moment to realize how amazing that is.

15 days

Productive Conflict

I want to provide some practical suggestions for getting through conflict because I believe that conflict is everywhere waiting to happen. We spend our days dreading when it will happen next and simultaneously stress about the conflict in our lives that has already happened.

16 days

How Gary Vaynerchuk Helped Me Crush It And It Is Not The Way That You Think

I have been a vocal fanboy of serial entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk since 2011 when I read my favorite book the Thank You Economy. Pause here, that book changed my life! I recently heard Gary is looking for stories about how his first major book “Crush It” has changed lives for a new book called “Crushed It.” I realize that he is looking for stories of major scaling of businesses, but I think my story is as equally important.

17 days

Seven Reasons for Alibaba’s Ground-Breaking Success

From its humble beginnings in Jack Ma’s Hangzhou apartment, Alibaba has evolved and grown into an e-commerce empire known internationally. What exactly is it about Alibaba that has enabled it to flourish?

17 days

Why I’m Going on an Information Diet in 2018

I’ve been consuming too much. My brain is overwhelmed by the volume of information and the need to sift through it to extract some meaning.