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17 days

There Are No Regrets in Life, Just Lessons!

How often have you done this: Sit back with yourself and write down things from your past that you regret?

17 days

A Not So Simple Question: What is Education?

I previously read an opinion piece in the New York Times lamenting the funding of "lazy rivers" being installed by state colleges on their campuses. I was struck by the first sentence of this piece, which I quote in full: "In a competition to woo students, public universities are increasingly offering lavish amenities that have nothing to do with education."

19 days

Convergent and Divergent Creativity

There are two very different types of creativity: convergent and divergent.

20 days

Changing Institutional Culture to Curb Sexual Assault

Last year, the New Yorker published a detailed study on sexual assault on campuses and what can enable change. I laud the researchers and their preliminary conclusions and look forward to the many papers they produce from their extensive data.

21 days

Don’t Stop When You are Tired, Stop When you are Done

Okay, so you feel like you’re at the end of the rope. You find yourself short-sighted reaching at one point. You feel like throwing yourself in the towel at times. Well, if this happens, you ain’t alone! 

22 days

Education and Predictions: 2019

Predictions are hard under any circumstances. For starters, for predictions to be good (and predictive), they must rest on certain assumptions remaining stable. And, in our current world (economically, politically, environmentally, psychologically), stability is hard to find. We live in a "wobbly" world on all fronts.

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