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12 days

It's Time to Empower Women at Workplace. Things to do!

I was surprised by a message in my inbox from a lady who, out of frustration, cried her heart out to me.

14 days

How to Give Your Best When You Hate Your Job

The clock is about to strike 5 p.m. John begins to pack his bag as he watches the digital clock on his desk. It shows 4:55 p.m. He hates his job. He sits and waits for the clock to strike 5 p.m. to go home on a daily basis.

14 days

Science of Learning: Conformity in the Classroom

How has conformity become the norm in education, and what methods are used to foster absolute conformity? Where do we start?

18 days

Learning to Learn

We are born to learn, so how do we learn to learn? Learning begins even before we are born. Learning to learn in order to take advantage of our new cyber-assisted world isn’t really learning to learn but learning new skills that I call cognitive enabling skills.

20 days

Choose Your Boss, Not Your Job

Out of every advice I’ve been given, the one that has stayed with me even today is choosing your boss wisely.

20 days

13 Tools to Make Writing Fun and More Creative

Writing isn’t an easy job. Most people feel that writing is all about copying stuff from here and there and intermingling it to form an entirely new content. But that’s not the truth.