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20 days

Success or Failure is Not a Show-Stopper

You need to have the courage to keep moving. We are so fond of instant gratification, that we get discouraged when we don’t see immediate success. But what I believe is that whether it’s success or failure, it should not be a show-stopper. You should keep putting effort to get things to the next level. Overnight success is a thing but it doesn’t happen as often as we expect. 

22 days

2020 Foresight: Climate Change Will Force Companies to Switch to Live Webcasts

You only need to look to Greenland’s melting glaciers, or the increased severity of storms, to know climate change is already upon us. All we can hope for in the 2020s is to stop it getting worse, or to adjust to its impact.

22 days

"Before I Start"​ Well, You've Already Started, So Just Get on With it!

Please can we retire "Before I start" from keynote presenters' vocabularies.

25 days

How to Write a Modern Resume

I think it was Sherlock Holmes who said that there is no such thing as coincidence (but then he also said that the answer is never about twins!!).

28 days

Power of Emotional Intelligence to Take Your Team to Success

Leadership means helping others to reach their full potential. There is one thing that is alike in all effective leaders; they all have a high degree of ‘emotional intelligence’.

28 days

The Risk of Juniorising Change

Creating a problem for the near future? A little while ago I read about the "juniorisation" of trading desks in financial services, particularly in the City of London.