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23 days

Robo-Rules and First Principles

When my daughter joined her senior school, I was totally bemused. Brought up in the school system of the ‘70's which had infant 1 and 2, Junior 1, 2, 3 and 4, followed by senior 1 to 5 with lower and upper 6th, I had just adapted to the Year 1 – 11 format, but was now faced with words like syntax, poetry and rudiments.

24 days

Look After Yourself !

The other day I had coffee with a lady who once made the near mistake of applying to work with me. Fortunately for her, there were no openings at the time. Instead, I tried to give some career advice which may or may not have contributed to her current success.

25 days

UFOs & Close Encounters of the Real Kind

UFO Sightings. Increasingly. Everywhere. 

28 days

The Bliss of Leadership is to Let the Full Potential in Your Employees

Going through several pieces of training, struggling through challenges, advancing your education, and putting your efforts - you’re a leader now. But does this simply mean you’ll be now just delegating and presiding over meetings?

29 days

How to Find Motivation When You Feel Unfulfilled At Work

You are slowly walking away from enough finances, a boss that ignores you or a team that doesn't love you anymore, and you’re losing any opportunity to rise. This unfulfilling working condition might be slowly killing you! 

1 month

Should You Pay More If You Are Marginal ?

There was a recent article about a veterinary school in Canada that wanted to charge higher tuition to those prospective students who were initially rejected and then accepted. The “newly accepted” students would be charged five times (no typo) the standard tuition free. It was anticipated that there would be five such “accepted” rejects.