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5 months

Journey On Until You Meet Yourself

Journey on until you meet yourself

5 months

10 Things Your Boss Is Tired of Hearing

The boss-employee relationships can be “overly complicated” at times, especially when there are unnecessary excuses instead of meaningful results. Whether you've been in an organization for a month or 5 years, your boss (and everyone else) perceives you from what you say and how you behave under certain situation/responsibilities. One wrong comment or question can change everyone's perspective about you and even sabotage an otherwise great job. That's why it is important that you stay cautious about the words that come out of your mouth, especially when you're interacting with your boss.

5 months

Your Mind is a Powerful Thing. When You Fill it with Positive Thoughts, Your Life will start to Change

It’s easy to throw up your hands and say “I can’t” when a situation goes out of your hand. With a negative mindset, you’re likely to do the same. But what would happen if you start to see things with a positive attitude and put in some extra work before you surrender control? Things would be different, right? In fact, things would be a lot better and there are even chances that you might seek out “win” in every situation. Psychologically or scientifically, there have been plenty of pieces of evidence that a positive mindset can turn our lives around.

6 months

How is my Child's Mental Health? And Why I must know it before it's too late!

We all need someone whom we can share our feelings with- frustrations of work, issues in the relationship, family-problems, financial struggle, and so on.

6 months

Conan’s Sword & Sorcery Tales and Marvel Comics Connected by Engrossing New Biographies

The late pulp magazine writer Robert E. Howard (1906-36) and veteran Marvel writer/editor Roy William Thomas lived decades apart, yet remain inherently connected by the legendary Cimmerian, warrior-king character Conan the Barbarian, and by two new literary biographies. Both are engrossing stories and published by Pulp Hero Press — “The World’s Most Dangerous Books” as the publisher Bob McLain quips. 

6 months

The Ostrich Strategy

The Secret on how to lead a mediocre life: The Ostrich Strategy.

6 months

My 4 Year Journey since I quit Corporate to Join Social Sector

It's been almost four years since I started taking full-time interest (and sweating my hair out) in the social sector in India. In October, 2014, I quit my corporate job to find my calling, and I feel really grateful for the opportunities that have come my way to date on this path!