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4 months

Psychology Hacks to Increase your Creativity and Productivity

Who are you and what you are? What are your habits? All these little and big things depends on our mental state. Some habits simply lift our spirit while some pull us down.

4 months

14 Ways to Kick Stress Out of Your Life

When was the last time your heartbeat was racing, palms were sweating, and your body language became clumsy all of a sudden?

4 months

Be the Beholder of your Beauty - Your figure has nothing to do with anything!

Most of us suffer from the I-do-not-look-good-because-I-am-not-slim syndrome. I hear my friends worrying about their body figure all the time, and I find that profoundly ridiculous!

4 months

How to Handle Rejection at Work

Let’s talk about something we all face but refuse to talk about - rejection. Whether you’ve been passed over for a promotion or not given the ‘desired role’ in an upcoming project, rejections are part and parcel of one’s professional life.

4 months

Suing the Professor

After careful consideration, looking at malpractice in medicine, and recent serious queries from students about the subject, my thinking about educational malpractice has changed in the past week. Let me tell you where I have come to.

4 months

How to Find Joy in Everyday Life

Ask yourself how happy are you on a scale of 1 to 10?

5 months

Hacks to Keep Yourself Motivated to Get Going

Pushing yourself forward is hard. For me, some days are highly motivating while other days I can not even grab a bit of it no matter how hard I try. Some days are tough as I have to nag myself to start the work because all I want to do is just go out and skip my work. This feeling is tough to handle for long. And I knew that it will be bad in the long run. Often, I sat propping up my head with my hands and think about how to best push myself up to fight with the emotions that are stopping me to get my job done.