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20 days

4 Mental Shifts That Will Unlock Your Inner Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is not for the faint-hearted. It takes serious levels of commitment, learning, and hard work to run a business. From the initial overwhelm of starting a new venture to presenting your idea to the investors, entrepreneurship tests everything you're made of. Be prepared for some sleepless nights, rejections and failures. But on the other side, there is success waiting for you.

21 days

Science of Learning: Testing Effect

The testing effect is all about memory. If you need to have information memorized, the testing effect is said to be your most powerful tool.

24 days

Science of Learning: The Spacing Effect

The spacing effect is a desirable difficulty for learning (along with the testing effect) that helps produce long lasting, durable memory traces, but has also been ignored in education. The spacing effect is when the learning of material takes place over long periods of time. Usually, when we teach something, we concentrate the presentation of related information in a short amount of time. Once that information is learned, we move on to different information. Longer lasting and more durable memory traces result from the spacing of the learning of information in time.

25 days

Check on Your Strong Friends

I watched the movie McQueen recently and felt compelled to write this article. The movie is about the deceased, genius, fashion designer (Lee) Alexander McQueen. It was mostly autobiographical, detailing his journey as a punk kid, son of a London taxi driver, who started his career as a tailoring apprentice on Saville Row and became one of the most respected (not necessarily loved) fashion designers in history. His garments were equal parts dark and beautiful. They were controversial, but if you looked past the obvious subversion you could see tailoring that was second-to-none and an eye for design and detail that was purely unique to him.

26 days

Neuroanthropology and Education

This piece presents a very different view of education. Contributed to my current class by Aaron Chubb (one of my students) this week as a part of my class. I thought that it was really interesting.

28 days

Science of Learning: Disfluency Effect

Among the desirable difficulties that can be introduced into a classroom to enhance memorization, disfluency stands out as being particularly unintuitive. Disfluency is the process of making items to be learned more difficult to process which means that the student, in using more processing, processes the material to a deeper level. This is usually done by introducing interference during the encoding stage of learning, making the process more difficult, and leading to additional processing right from the start aiding in remembering the material.