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18 days

How Data Can Enrich Trend Predictions

Trend predictions can be frustrating with many being no more than a review of a few blogs and tech announcements followed by some spurious guesses. In the worst cases trends aren’t contextualised and little effort is given to sizing them or assessing their rate of travel. 

20 days

What You Need to Learn to Change your Future

When we go to an educational institution we expect to learn something useful. The primary goal for over 80% of the students who entered higher education last year was to get a degree that would get them a good job. From their perspective, a degree is something useful because it leads to a better job.

21 days

Thinking in Business

Christensen’s disruptive innovation theories have been around for about a decade now and we continue to see it played out in institution after institution that insists on business as usual methods of doing business. It is sad when an established firm goes out of business and everyone outside the organization can see it coming, but those within insist that everything that they are doing is just fine. It has worked for years. Why fix something that isn’t broken.

22 days

How A Corporate Retreat At Samujana Can Help Your Team Fulfill Their 6 Human Needs

The corporate world has received an important message: people are stressed out. More and more, statistics show a troubling decline in employee productivity and – what is even more worrying – a decrease in professional satisfaction.

23 days

Lecturing - Is there No Other Way?

As methods of teaching go, lectures are the most widely used (80 - 90%) method of teaching in higher education today with about the least amount of effectiveness of any form of teaching.

24 days

How Technology is Impacting Communications Plans

There is no doubt that technology is changing the world of communications. And hundreds of blogs and opinion pieces will tell you about the latest trends and what we are going to see in the future. But they can often be theoretical; talk of what might happen is often very different from what actually happens.

25 days

Critical Thinking and Sources of Evidence

I have posted several times about critical thinking in higher education today (or not), but have ignored a critical component of critical thinking – evidence.