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24 days

Science of Learning: Metacognition in Education

Not only is it difficult to measure and develop metacognitive skills, but the current state of education systematically stifles metacognitive development. One of the hallmarks of metacognitive development is divergent thinking. Divergent thinking requires an individual to think of different ways that a solution can be reached. It requires cognitive flexibility, as well as critical analysis of where the process you have chosen is taking you.

25 days

Science of Learning: Behaviorism

Classic behaviorism is all about learning. How biological entities learn to cope with their environment. How stimuli can be paired with responses. How reinforcers can change behavior, and how those changes can become a permanent part of a behavioral repertoire. Learning – in a classical sense.

26 days

Saving Democracy

We've had Democracy 1.0 for a while now, and, well, we enjoy choosing our government, but... for the most part we simply want competent leaders who can get on with their jobs while the rest of the nation gets quietly on with theirs. And, when we are asked to vote, we want choices between excellent candidates and policies, so regardless of the outcome everything stays good and well run. So, can we think of ways to improve on what we have? Can we ask for democracy 2.0?

28 days

Things to Look at to Save your Business from Falling

Financial gains. Acquiring new customers. Making your presence felt in the online market. Motive could be any of these, but the fact of the matter is that every business is looking to grow.

28 days

Science of Learning: Thinking & Understanding

In addition to teaching content, the primary, avowed purpose of higher education is to teach people how to think, and take information and turn it into knowledge. The difference between information and knowledge is understanding. Knowing that 2X2=4 is nothing more than information if you really don’t understand that 2X2 means two groups of two things, which leads us to four things in total.

29 days

On The 'Naturalness' of Gender

In my last article, I tried to articulate the primary definition of Sex, Gender, and Sexual Orientation. I had, in my mind, this thought to write a follow-up article, which shall deal with 'Gender' in more detail because it needs special attention (without a doubt it is a sophisticated topic).