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1 month

First Day of School: The Questions Our Teachers Should Not Ask

For many students, the new school year is starting. For some, this is not a happy time; they have enjoyed the freedom of the summer months and time away from the routine of classes and homework. They can spend time with friends near and far. For others students, the start of school brings important structure and in some cases safety and caring adults. For these children, going back to school is stabilizing.

1 month

It’s a Golden Age for the Premier League, so Let’s Not Kill It

To borrow a phrase, the new English Premier League season kicked off on Friday with “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue”: something old — the top clubs, Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Spurs, Arsenal and Manchester United, are all set to do a musical chairs two-step for the top-six, with reigning Champions League titlists Liverpool emphatically kicking off the new premiership season with a demolition of newly promoted Norwich; something new — although for different reasons, the Reds and Chelsea didn’t refresh their squads with big new buys, the other top-6 did bring in some exciting fresh talent, as did Leicester, Everton, West Ham and other chasing teams; something borrowed — for the first time, the Premier League is following what other leagues have already implemented, bringing in VAR to hopefully “create minimum interference and maximum benefits.” The jury, us fans, will watch and judge with bated breath. Erh, just make sure the VAR equipment is working, right, fellows?!

2 months

A Bad Day Is Only as Bad as You Let it Be

There is no science behind having a bad day. I have bad days too. And trust me when I say this—it's not because I woke up on the wrong side of the bed or that I am jinxed for the day. 

2 months

The 7 Big Lies Of Managing Change

During my long career in change, I have worked in almost 20 organisations and come to know hundreds of business leaders and project staff. Here are the seven biggest lies that I have heard most often. They are heard over and over.

2 months

Willful Blindness and Educational Management

The ability to engage in formal operational thinking may be inherent, but the skills necessary to use formal operational thinking must be taught. With up to 45% of our graduates unable to engage in formal operational thinking, we aren’t doing a good job of teaching it. This is what the higher in higher education stands for, higher thinking skills.

2 months

Willful Blindness & Education

Both the education and the higher part of higher education is broken. Research is the only game in town and as that relies more and more heavily on private (read: commercial) funding the research game becomes more and more private (and trivial).

2 months

ConnecTech Wrap Up: Comms Professionals Must Get Ready for 5G and Live Streaming Platforms

If there are two takeaways for disciples of communication from this year's #ConnecTech in Singapore, they are (1) the rise of 5G, and (2) the proliferation of live streaming platforms - with huge implications for communications professionals and their senior leadership teams.