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8 months

How to Nail Awkward Situations at Work

Life is full of awkward situations. It is never going to be a smooth sail all the time. Whether you are new to the office or working for years, we all have to go through those uncomfortable situations at work that hurt our feelings and make us feel out of control.

8 months

Harnessing our Problem Solving Abilities

Critical thinking is the most powerful problem-solving tool in existence. Not the kind of problem that can be coded with an algorithm, but a complex problem that involves thinking. How do we develop the skill of critical thinking? Critical thinking is not a single skill but a collection of skills that allow someone to figure out a difficult, complex problem.

8 months

8 Golden Rules to Follow to Increase your Work Ergonomic

As the years go by, jobs are getting excessively competitive. Increasing population coupled with higher literacy rates and qualifications, this competitiveness is sure to blossom into something even more meaningful, like the raise you always wanted. As people vie for the same position in an organisation, it is important to prove your work is above the mark.

8 months

Why is Having a PhD Becoming a Trend Today?

Education is the key to economic growth. Knowledge acts as the platform on which our generation is built. With the growing advancement of technology and the increasing thirst for knowledge, it can be noted that more and more people these days tend to take the other end of the crossroad and delve into research based professions.

8 months

Pruitt’s Purchases: What Else Could We Have Bought for the Same $$$$?

Pruitt’s Purchases I have been following the expenditures of Secretary Scott Pruitt, something that would surely get me fired or demoted if I worked for him (which I do not). Now, there are lots of ways to reflect on his spending, including a determination of whether he really is physically at risk. And, if he actually is, we do need to spend to protect him for sure. How much that costs is a different question.

8 months

The Reinforcement of Understanding

In a world awash with information, people have become more and more ignorant. Information is ubiquitous and is available to almost everyone in the developed world. Information is a powerful tool. The control of the information abundant society we now live in has created some of the largest and most powerful corporations the world has ever seen.

8 months

Is Time Really On Your Side In Business?

The old saying that time is on our side feels like a mixed bag of emotions for me. There is so much that I want to accomplish in life, that it can feel overwhelming at times. But on the other hand so many people in business are simply inpatient. They don’t want to put in the time it takes to achieve greatness. This is a tremendous advantage for anyone willing to play the long game.

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