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When did Information Transmission become the Primary Goal of Education?

A century and a half ago a Western education was not considered complete without a trip to the capitals of Europe. Now, if a parent in the UK takes their children out of school to visit a European capital they face a stiff fine for breaking the law. How did this happen?

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Guaranteed Educational Outcomes

Is there a mismatch between what employers expect and higher education produces? The video game industry was worth $99.6 billion in 2016. That's a lot of money. A recent study of UK video game programs found that only 12% of graduates from specialist UK courses are employed in the games sector six months after graduating. More students are studying specialist video game courses in the UK than there are jobs in the industry. Despite this surplus of graduates, 71% of video games employers with more than 100 employees say that it is difficult to find graduates with the required skills straight out of higher education.

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Learning Analytics – No need for Standardized Testing in Higher Education

For a number of years there have been rumours that standardized testing should be introduced into higher education. Standardization makes subjects taught at different institutions directly comparable.

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Your Perfect Match Could be Just a Click Away! But Something Seems Wrong...

Matrimonial sites in India have been growing exponentially since inception. And why not so? Marriage is the only business in which Indians have been interested in for many centuries, and, as it seems, would continue to be so for another few.

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Dammit, Anthony.

Dude. I get it. But dammit! I always thought I would randomly run into you on the streets of NYC, invite you to lunch as a complete stranger, and you would say, "Fu** like pho?" And I'd follow you to some hole-in-the-wall restaurant 2 blocks away with poor decor, mediocre lighting, dusty black-framed photos, and the most heavenly scent of basil and chilis ever experienced by a nose.

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PGDM vs MBA: Which Would Make a Better Choice for Your Career?

Do you hold a degree in business or wish to change career paths? Are you a recent graduate confused about what to take up for your further studies? If you are an MBA aspirant, you would have definitely considered the best colleges in the market. Having said that, you must also have started studying and researching your subject in order to make the cut.