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8 months

Seven Reasons for Alibaba’s Ground-Breaking Success

From its humble beginnings in Jack Ma’s Hangzhou apartment, Alibaba has evolved and grown into an e-commerce empire known internationally. What exactly is it about Alibaba that has enabled it to flourish?

8 months

Why I’m Going on an Information Diet in 2018

I’ve been consuming too much. My brain is overwhelmed by the volume of information and the need to sift through it to extract some meaning.

9 months

Three Content Marketing Predictions For 2018

From being just a buzzword in 2011, content marketing has become the number one priority for the marketing department in 2017 and accounts for 26% of a marketers' entire budget.

9 months

Metacognition and Empathy

I have written a couple of times about the link between higher order thinking skills and moral development but a recent comment on another article has prompted me to visit the subject again. The comment was that empathy is needed alongside higher order thinking skills in order for us to make the world a better place. Empathy is needed and although basic empathy begins to be developed in very young children, the full expression of empathy requires very abstract thinking and is included in one of the higher order thinking skills: metacognition.

9 months

Celebrities Just Don’t Realize How Easy It Is To Do Something Good

We live in the digital revolution and small acts of kindness land huge in this cruel world. Every single celebrity is not doing enough. They can do good things at the same time as helping their personal brands and leaving a great impact on society.

9 months

Have We Washed the Annoying Tokens of our Broken Society from Our Hands?

The Science of Learning is a compilation of the principles that underlie exactly what we know about how people learn. This includes the application of that knowledge to formal learning experiences – classrooms and such. Although important for general learning, the real need that I have tended to focus on for the past year is learning higher-order thinking skills.

9 months

C's Get Degrees

As a graduating senior I was called upon in one of my classes to bestow wisdom upon the other students who were not graduating. I spoke last, listening as my other graduating peers recommended the best places to find discounted beers and explaining that college is a time to find yourself and spend time with friends.

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