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8 months

Gender Diversity in the Workplace

A recent research by Pink Ladder shows that over 90% women professionals in India aspire to become CXOs but in reality, that number stands at a meagre 1.5%! Focusing on diversity in the workplace that really works, is the need of the hour to build a more gender equal workplace.

9 months

Stories - Chapter 15

I started making jewellery when I was working for an accessory design company. I enjoyed my work and I learnt so much from my time there, but it was very much about realising someone else’s vision.

9 months

Power, Communication, and the Feedback Loop Error

Feedback loop error is when you send a message and, in one way or another, there is a failure in the feedback that follows. This could be: no return message, distorted or misinformed message, miscommunicated message, and the list goes on.

9 months

What's your 2018 mantra?

A mantra is simply a statement. But when applied with meaning, it can be used to enhance clarity, aspiration and drive. It is used to both master and free the mind, so it can focus and achieve it’s best.

9 months

Driverless Taxis: Lessons on Innovation

In the last few years, the arrival of private-hire cars such as Uber, Hitch, or Grab on the market has transformed the mindset of taxi drivers. Previously, they used to live comfortably, facing almost no competitors. As a result, there is little or no incentive for them to improve their service and attitude. Now, given the competitive edge that private-hire cars have over them, taxi companies have no choice but to improve their services.

9 months

Reflecting on 2018: It's A Different Kind of Year For Us All

I have been reflecting on what to write as we enter 2018. The end of one year and the start of another is a common time for reflection. But something is different this go-around. I don't feel celebratory.

9 months

Why The IoT and Axe Throwing Are Similar

A couple of weeks ago, I did something fun and different. A group of friends and I went axe throwing at a place called Urban Axes in Philadelphia. It is pretty freaking cool and highly recommended. Set up in an old warehouse in Kensington, there are a bunch of lanes similar to a bowling alley but with chain link protective fences to cut down on decapitations. As we flung hatchets through the air towards a fixed point, my mind naturally drifted to finding comparisons with the Internet of Things (IoT).