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10 months

Critical Thinking and Sources of Evidence

I have posted several times about critical thinking in higher education today (or not), but have ignored a critical component of critical thinking – evidence.

10 months

When It Stops Being Fun

That title should make quite a few of you perk up. What do you do when it stops being fun? When it feels like every ounce of passion has drained from your body and it all just feels like work.

10 months

How to Improve the Way You Learn

The world is changing fast. Industries are being disrupted and new technologies are emerging that change the way we do things. In turn this places more emphasis on mastering news skills and learning new things as we try to keep up with the pace of change. This brings new challenges and problems for professionals: how do you keep up with what is happening and how do you ensure you are continually learning and developing?

10 months

Roots of The Science of Learning

Where does The Science of Learning come from? I was asked this by an associate on LinkedIn and a student in my class. Both are looking for the empirical evidence for The Science part. Today, I’ll try to address this because I think it is an important concept to understand.

10 months

Why Does it Matter What I Wear?

I have read two articles recently that discuss the way professionals dress. I have disagreed with both of them and so here’s my take.

10 months

How Brands and Start-Ups Can Work Together

There has been a lot of talk in the press and countless conference presentations about working with start-ups. These are often no more than beauty shows and case studies of work that has been commissioned and run are in short supply. VioletaTodorova has been instrumental in driving out NextTechNow initiative that has run 60 projects for 29 brands in the UK. I caught up with her to find out what she has learnt from creating partnerships between brands and start-ups. (I have lightly edited our conversation but typos are all my own)

10 months

Transformational Learning

Having studied learning for many years, and after writing over a hundred articles about learning over the past year, I have come to believe that there are two types of learning: training, and transformation. Training involves teaching to meet particular goals. These goals, as outlined by Bjork (1994) include:

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